Mercury entered the sign of Sagittarius at 11:19p PDT on Saturday, 4th November 2017. As it did, it took our thoughts and words out of the shadows and into the Light, generating excitement for exchanging ideas and information openly, quickly, and in a big way.

Mercury represents both how we communicate and how we learn. Both elements are important for accurate exchanges of infomation. More than ever before, you want to make sure you are acquiring accurate and factual information as both will be of paramount importance over the course of the coming weeks.

That’s because Sagittarius is the experiential truth-seeker of the Zodiac. It is also a mutable fire energy, which means it is an active and creative energy as well as expansive and adaptable. This tends to give Sag a reputation for being the exaggerator of the Zodiac, making everything – even the truth – a bit larger-than-life. In these weeks ahead, it’s essential to remember that if something you read or hear seems a bit over the top or too good to be true, it may be, yet everything that is communicated under Mercury in Sagittarius has one or more factual truths at its foundation. The challenge for you will be to discern fact from fiction, and hype over substance.

The thing is… Mercury is also an accelerating influence, encouraging things to move faster. In the case of this 2017-2018 Mercury in Sagittarius, it could move very large chunks of very factual information very quickly. Under the Scorpio 3 Sun which teases closely-held information for the first three weeks of its run, Mercury in Sag is practically begging for its secrets to be discovered and revealed. Revelations of truth may not only be massive, they could also be uncontainable once they emerge.

This brings two lines of questioning to the fore:

  • Who can get their version of truth out most quickly… and who is quick (to attempt) to cover it up or correct it?
  • If everyone involved or connected knows what truth is about to come out, who’s faster to the draw – the truth-tellers, or the truth-hiders?

If those who want to keep the truth(s) hidden suspect or know that the factual truth is about to be revealed, they may try to cut it off at the pass by creating distractions or exaggerating circumstances. It’s a kind of “setting a fire in one place to distract from the theft in another” kind of thing, which may leave everyone receiving the information having to prioritize matters and also having to discern fact from fiction.

Yet what may be the most interesting thing about this 2017-2018 Mercury in Sagittarius is that it will be in Sagittarius for a very long time. That’s because Mercury goes into retrograde motion on 3rd December at 29° Sag, and makes its way all the way back to 13° Sag before turning around on 21st/22nd December, finally completing its run in the sign on 10th/11th January 2018.

In other words, be prepared to have truths emerging in a BIG way for the next two months.

These emerging truths will challenge each and all of us to look at our lives differently. Many of us will be forced to be honest with ourselves and each other. For some of us, these revelations may bring about a rather painful phase of revealing long and/or deeply-held secrets and shame; yet that pain will likely give way to healing as the pressure to keep the pain at bay is finally released. For others, this could be a profound period of liberation and freedom! Yet things will continue moving forward and revelations are likely to increase in frequency, scale, and/or magnitude; and you may find yourself overwhelmed with the influx of information and opportunities. It will be important to keep an open yet discerning mind as our minds are likely to be stretched beyond their usual limits – to the point where the way we think and speak may never be the same again after this two-month span.

To that point, Mercury’s influence will be affected by three different Sun signs (Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn) and two different numeric energies (3, 4, and back to 3), so let’s look at how this Mercury may show up in the remainder of the current 2017 Scorpio 3 Sun period.

Here are the 2017-2018 Mercury in Sagittarius’ transits for the next two weeks:

Sagittarius Mercury squares Pisces Neptune Retrograde on 13th November, challenging our ideals about what is possible in our lives and/or in our world. The thing here is that we may realize that much of what we believed we wanted for ourselves and our lives may not (or does not) live up to our fantasies, challenging us to rethink what we are thinking about, talking about, and asking for in our lives.

Sagittarius Mercury sextiles Libra Mars on 17th November, and actions proposed or taken in order to establish balance and peace in our lives may open up lines of earnest and honest communication in ways which expand possibilities for resolving conflict in positive ways.

Sagittarius Mercury semi-sextiles Capricorn Pluto on 18th November. At its most exact about an hour after the Scorpio New Moon, this transit could quickly bring forth honest and open communications which significantly shift the balance of power (and/or control) in the societal structures of our lives. It could also bring quickly-delivered communications which travel fast and could change the nature of our circumstances very suddenly.

Remember, Mercury is in the sign of Sagittarius until 10th/11th January 2018. It’s a whole lot of time, and that means a whole lot of truth. Be ready to stretch your mind to adjust to and align with a new paradigm.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, & Blessings,




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