We experience the Full Moon in Pisces at 12:03a PDT on Wednesday 6th September 2017. This Virgo 1 Sun-Pisces Moon opposition may bring more attention than usual to your practical plans and efforts, but since the Moon is reflecting the Sun’s light, it also calls upon you to get in touch with how you feel emotionally and spiritually about your pragmatic intentions. This 2017 Pisces Full Moon reminds you that deeds without vision or inspiration may very well be efforts wasted.

Yes, in order to make your dreams reality, there is effort that needs to be applied or work that needs to be done. Yet in order for the effort applied and work done to be emotionally satisfying and spiritually fulfilling, there needs to be a greater purpose for the work to serve. This is what the 2017 Pisces Full Moon brings to our attention – the presence (or absence) of that greater purpose.

We have moved through a major energetic/cosmic doorway which the recent eclipses opened up in the last month. That opening has led us into new territory when it comes to the experiential reality of our lives. We are now awakened to the fact that this world and our lives in and upon it are going through some major changes, and the usual course of action most of us take – “wait and see what everyone else does” – doesn’t really work anymore. That’s because some of us began to fully understand that the people we usually looked to in order to guide and direct us weren’t and still aren’t really sure of how to do that themselves right now. In fact, some of them are abandoning their stances, abdicating their responsibilities to others, and seeking their own paths away from all of those who followed them.

To that point, many of us would be wise to do the same – to go rogue and find our own ways, allowing our own unique visions to come forth, and allowing ourselves to align our daily activities with our visions, bringing inspiration and purpose to our everyday realities. This 2017 Pisces Full Moon is an opportunity to become conscious of the impact our everyday lives have on our perception(s) of what the world is and can be… and it is an opportunity to become conscious of how our visions could impact how we perceive the purpose of our everyday lives.

Yet there’s a challenge under this 2017 Pisces Full Moon. The Virgo-Pisces axis is what I like to call “the axis of service”. Virgo is the practical service side –the mundane, pragmatic energies applied to the physical, material, and financial application of resources in order to facilitate health and wellness on all levels of our beings. Pisces is the transcendental service side – the moral, ethical, philanthropic energies applied to the emotional and spiritual application of resources. These energies of these signs demand that we answer a call to service in some shape or form.

In the afterglow of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the Leo-Aquarius “axis of expression”, we find ourselves being called upon to serve from our newly discovered self-expressions – our UNIQUE and individual self-expressions through which we now create ways of serving and contributing to our fellow human beings.  We are now being asked to serve and contribute to others through bold expression of our most authentic selves.  And individually means we have to figure out how to be of service to others through sharing our unique abilities, talents, and skills with others in ways which are of benefit to them… and to ourselves.

This ‘call to service’ is complicated by the fact that a little over an hour before maximum phase, the Moon makes exact conjunction with Neptune Retrograde in Neptune’s home sign of Pisces. This means either (or both) the visionary inspiration effect AND/OR the “rose-colored glasses” effect is much greater than usual. For the visionaries, we’re finally getting the inspiration we need in order to make sense of all of the real-world drama we’ve been going through. For the rosy ones, we’re getting an unhealthy boost of delusional encouragement. There’s a whole lot of emotional and spiritual energy accessible at this time, and it’s LONG overdue.

This Pisces Moon-Neptune Rx conjunction is opposite the Virgo 1 Sun, which calls for practical initiative to balance out the dreaminess. The conjunction sextiles Capricorn Pluto Retrograde, which represents transformation – either through empowerment or destruction – of the societal and structural powers-that-be. This combination will likely encourage those in power to delusionally believe they are doing all sorts of wonderful things in service to their fellow worldly beings.

Yet this Pisces Moon-Neptune Rx conjunction is also quincunx Venus in Leo, making it important to understand that even though there is a call to unique expressions of service, the desire to be a fully-expressed individual may be strong enough to bring forth a serious breakdown of partnership or relationship ideals. Any delusions of grandeur or idealistic/romantic bliss which are in place can be almost certain to face a harsh reality check as those you are making an effort to serve or contribute to may not want your version of “service”. If you’re expecting to have your individual self-expression welcomed with smiling faces and open arms, you may want to check that expectation at the door. Not everyone will want what you have to offer, so you may need to figure out if what you have to contribute is something that will or won’t serve those in your environment. This may result in some of us discovering that we don’t fit in (or no longer fit in) where we’ve been trying to fit in or remain.

That all said, for those who have come to terms with their reality, this heightened effect of the Sun opposite Moon conjunct Neptune transit is very welcome if not long overdue. This is a reminder that there are dreams worth having and emotions worth feeling, and both vision and empathy are needed if the practical reality is to serve a healthy and practical purpose and have meaning beyond the simplicity of doing something.

There are a few others energies to note for this 2017 Pisces Full Moon.

There are three more astrological transits:

  • Cancer Ceres square Libra Jupiter – Partnerships and agreements may not be able to grow and expand as well as they could due to the parties involved protect their emotional interests and investments. Diplomacy is difficult when you’re emotionally subjective, challenging the ability for both or all parties involved to make progress on matters of relational and/or social balance and equality.
  • Leo Mercury conjunct Mars – If you want people to know you, you need to make yourself known. Let your actions do the talking, or be ready to back up your words with some actions. Communication through body language and is just as important as your words.
  • Sagittarius Saturn conjunct BM Lilith – If you’re truly committed to reaching your goals, you need to make sure those goals are aligned with your deepest desires. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself stuck due to a lack of clear focus. Once you align with your truth, things start moving in a big way.

And of course, there’s the numerology.

This is occurring early on in a 7 universal day. Seven is an energy of rest and relaxation, patience, reflection, and preparation. It encourages the thoughtful consideration and processing of information. This will be a Full Moon phase which will affect us from the inside-out – our emotional energies and our intuitive abilities will be heightened, enabling us to be more sensitive to the information coming to us that we may have been before now. For those of us who are normally intuitive or psychic, be ready for more information than usual. For those who are not normally so sensitive, be ready to wake up to abilities you didn’t know you had and/or be aware that others around you may be more sensitive than usual.

This 7 universal day is happening in a 1 universal month and a 1 universal year – one being the energy of new beginnings, fresh starts, and initiative energy. Therefore, this numeric energy also encourages us to think about how we want to start moving forward on our new paths – to think about how we can use everything we’ve experiences and awakened to in order to begin our individual independent journeys which in turn give life to a new collective journey with this 2017 Pisces Full Moon lighting the way.

The energy of this 2017 Pisces Full Moon phase has been felt for about three days going in, and will be felt for about three days coming out.

Allow yourself to have a vision of what is possible or what is to come from your pragmatic efforts… and allow yourself to believe your vision can be real.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, & Blessings,




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