Ceres moved into the sign of Cancer at 4:44a PDT on Monday, 10th July 2017.

Ceres is what I like to call our “physical mother”. The ruler of Taurus, it is responsible for providing us with the material, physical, and financial resources which help us feel safe, secure, and stable. It makes sure we are given everything we need to survive – that our livelihoods are supported and protected.

Cancer is the sign of the “emotional mother”. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is emotionally nurturing, caring, and protective. It does its best to build and sustain our self-esteem, providing emotional support and protecting our hearts as we grow and move forward in our lives. It is most often associated with the family and home aspects of our lives.

This Ceres in Cancer energy is a combination which gives us one of the best revelations of astrology, in my opinion – it reveals how our emotional connections become resources of value to us, and for some of us, we may be too invested in these connections to let them evolve or end.

The key goal of this 2017 Ceres in Cancer is to help us become more aware of 1) what we give emotional value to in our lives and 2) the often practical motives behind our emotional investments. It really comes down to whether we’re emotionally invested in the connections we have with each other because of the resources we give each other, or because we equate and/or experience the people or things we feel emotional connections to as personal possessions or resources.

We get to ask ourselves the following questions on both the individual and collective levels:

  • Where and how are our emotions invested in our lifestyle support and security?
  • What gives us a sense of emotional support, security, and stability in our lives?
  • Are our fears of losing relationship really fears of losing our support and encouragement for our lifestyle choices?
  • And do the emotional connections we currently have in our lives really support and encourage us to move toward the progression and fulfillment of our life purpose(s)?

Ceres in Cancer assists us in discovering just how much our lifestyle values are focused on what brings us emotional peace, ease, and stability. We realize that we’re seeking that which makes us each and all feel emotionally safe and secure, and we tend to give the most personal value to 1) the resources and relationships we believe will give us the security we’re looking for, and 2) those we are most emotionally invested in keeping in place in our lives. Therefore, it will be important during this 2017 Ceres in Cancer to recognize which elements of our lives we feel most emotionally empowered and encouraged by, as well as which ones we are most afraid of or emotionally upset about losing, releasing, or ending as we begin moving in new life directions.

Since Cancer energy has a tendency to be rooted in the past in some way, the emotional investments we may be resisting the release of may be connections which have been part of our lives for a long time or attachments to old and outdated emotional ideals which have gone unfulfilled up to now. These investments and connections often create an emotional “comfort zone” of pain and resentment within us, and over time, the pain and resentment become familiar. We grow accustomed to living in discomfort and tend to complain about how much we hate it, but then when given opportunity to move forward, most of us choose to maintain our status quo.

One of the main reasons we as humans often choose not to follow through on new beginnings or move in new directions in our lives is because we are ironically afraid of the emotional pain the changes may bring forth. We may say we’re not afraid of change. We may say we want things to change, yet when it comes down to making an actual choice, we’re often afraid to leave our well-established emotional (dis)comfort zones and the personal connections we have within them to truly experience the true comfort and freedom of living into our individual and collective truths.

In other words, the emotional and practical value of sticking with our status quo may prove to be more of a loss than a profit in the big picture of our life experience. And by allowing ourselves to let go of past attachments which no longer serve us well or holds us back from honoring and stepping into our truth, we may be setting ourselves up for a greater return on our emotional investment(s).

This 2017 Ceres in Cancer period will have us taking a closer look at the connections and attachments in our lives to see if they still have positive value to us and our lives, bringing matters forward which will push us to face these practical and emotional truths about our investments and fears. It will also provide connections and opportunities which will support and encourage us to overcome them… if we allow ourselves to see and accept them.

Ceres will be in Cancer now through 24th September 2017. Use these next few months to see where you may be allowing your emotional attachments to the past to keep you from being present in the here and now and from moving into a brighter, more emotionally fulfilling future.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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