Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio – The Life You Change May Be Your Own

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With Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio – the sign of decisive extremes – exact today at 12:39p PDT, you can be sure that the words you speak (or type) will have an impact if you want them to.  Just make sure it’s the impact you want to make.

This conjunction could be interesting because Mercury has a reputation for being faster than lightning.  You may find yourself having many ideas in a very small frame of time, having very quick judgments and statements, and making rapid fire decisions.  In the sign of Scorpio, your words and choices could come much more quickly and seem much more decisive than you might intend.  Because Scorpio has an all-or-nothing quality about it, you may find that you are expressing yourself in ultimatums more than you usually might.

This is where having Saturn in this conjunction comes in handy.  Saturn, being the great disciplinarian of the Zodiac, often gets a bad rap for being a wet blanket in holding us accountable for all of our responsibilities.  With Mercury, it can seem to block communications or progress in general, and it is often blamed for feelings of being held back or held down in some way.  Yet I’ve learned over the years and through sessions with clients that Saturn’s really not so much about trying to hold you back.  Saturn helps you to achieve your goals and ambitions by trying to get you to stop for a moment to look at your life so you can 1) see where you need to direct your focus, or 2) where you need to set boundaries to keep yourself on track.  It shows you where you get to take responsibility for your life’s journey, or where you may need to try a new approach or an entirely new direction in order to have the success you want to have in your life.

In the case of this conjunction, Saturn’s disciplinarian presence may be exactly what is needed to slow down Mercury’s speed just long enough for you to make sure that what you are speaking or choosing is exactly what you want to say or choose.  Otherwise, you may lock yourself into a position that you’d rather not be on.

This is also a good time for you to use your voice to set your boundaries with others.  With the Sun still traveling through Libra 7 energy during this powerful transit, relationships are still a focal point for another few weeks.  This Mercury-Saturn conjunction is a chance for you to draw your lines in the sand about what you are willing to tolerate or stand for.  Boundaries are important in relationships because they ensure that you can still be yourself and take care of your own business while sustaining your relationships with others.

Boundaries are another reason that it is important for you to be very clear in your thoughts, intentions, and speech, and why this Mercury-Saturn conjunction could be make things a bit tricky.  If you are not clear about what your objective is in setting your boundaries, you may be cutting off your nose despite your face by saying things in a way that you didn’t intend.  These misdirected or unclear intentions could end up bringing things to an end that you didn’t intend to have end, or it could bring things to a head that you didn’t intend to have escalate into conflict.

Remember that Scorpio energy can be intense, and you may come across as more decisive as you intend to be.  Also remember that you may want to put a great deal of thought into your communications to make sure you say exactly what you want to say and that your words  are (hopefully) interpreted exactly how you want them interpreted.  You can never have control over what others think – they will always receive through their own emotional and intellectual filters.  However, you can do your best to be responsible for what you put out there in the first place.

What you may find when you take the time to care about the clarity and intention of your communications is that you set in motion an experience that could change the course of your life.  Scorpio energy is a transformative energy, clearing out the old to make way for the new.  This could prove to be a day of profound change for you, all because you finally say what needs to be said.  You may find that the life that is impacted and changed by your words is your own.

This Mercury and Saturn conjunction in Scorpio will be felt from Saturday, October 5th through Saturday, October 12th.  Take this time to do what you need to do to make yourself and your intentions clear.

Thanks for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers.  Until next post…

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  1. I have sun mercury saturn in scorpio in 6th house

  2. Makara lagna. Lagna from 11 house sun,mercury,Saturn conjunction. Any yoga here?

    • Hello Karthik,

      Sorry. I don’t study or practice Vedic astrology. I wouldn’t be able to address your question. However, you may want to ask my friend Madhavi at She may know.

  3. I myself have Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio — in the 8th house. If anyone could help me figure out how the sun influences the Merc-Sat conjunction, that’d be GREATLY appreciated. I do have a tendency to end relationships I didn’t want ended, because I speak up very harshly even when that person means the world to me.

    Thank You!

    • Hi Vicky,

      This triple conjunction/stellium of Sun-Merc-Sat being in Scorpio in the 8th is like having a double-Scorpio influence (the 8th house echoes & strengthens Scorpio energy) on these three intertwined bodies. The Sun shines your soul’s expression of Light from this conjunction being conjunct this combo itself, indicating that this Sun-Merc-Sat conjunction is a firm indicator of who you are at the core of your being. You are definitely inclined to think & deal with matters powerfully, decisively, & in extremes – all or nothing, good or bad, right or wrong, etc. You use deep & intense thoughts & words/communications to establish self-discipline in your personal self-expression & to establish your personal boundaries in the 8th house matters of your life.

      8th house matters are usually matters of joint resources, intimacy, and deep emotional energies. Any of your chart elements that reside in this house are VERY sensitive to power and influence, which may lead to issues or challenges regarding control, manipulation, etc. Not having the rest of your chart available, I would have you consider the following regarding your relationships with others:
      1) If you feel you are being overpowered, controlled, or manipulated by someone, you are likely saying what you feel you need to say in order to establish a boundary with the other party – an emotional self-protection measure. If this happens often for you, you may want to get clear about your emotional boundaries for yourself (if you aren’t yet), then communicate them more clearly &/or make them more known to others close to you.
      2) You may also be reacting to not being able to control others or have them say or do things the way you want them to. In this case, it may help you to notice where you are expecting others to be all of what you want them to be, and where you may be assuming that because they aren’t all you want them to be that they are being none of what you want. You may be verbally cutting them off because you are afraid of them not living up to your expectations.

      Hope that helps.

      ~ Grace

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