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What’s going on with me right now?

What’s happening in the world right now?

Attend this workshop + discussion group to gain insights & information about what is happening in the world right now & how to embrace & apply your awakening abilities to your everyday life!

A discussion for learning and exploring ways to apply and share your unique and individual metaphysical abilities, intuitive abilities, examine recent & current world events, and discuss common individual experiences to assist you in interpreting your spiritual messages and unique self-expression. Though some reference materials will be provided, please bring a notebook or journal.

$30 per person.

Call the Universal Connection Store at 408.564.0722 to register.

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I’m changing publishers for Book Two,
and Book One will be re-published under the new publishing direction as well!
That said, I have a limited number of copies available directly through me for purchase
at a significant discount.
I have over 38 hardcover copies still available, now at $24.99 each (reg: $44.95 each).
I have only 7 softcover copies still available, now at $18.99 each (reg: $33.99 each).
If you’ve thought about buying the book or have thought about purchasing a copy for a family member or friend, here’s your chance.Shipping for U.S. only. Media mail 4-10 days. (If you email me directly, we can discuss pick-up,
other forms of domestic shipping, or international shipping options).

The Blog: Signs and Numbers


2017 Aquarius Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse – On the Threshold

The 2017 Aquarius Full Moon reaches its maximum phase and the maximum phase of a partial Lunar Eclipse – at 11:11a PDT on Monday 7th August 2017 (15.42°). During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon blocking (or in today’s case, partially...

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2017 Venus in Cancer – Emotional Equity

Venus entered the sign of Cancer at 7:54a PDT on Monday, 31st July 2017. Upon its entry, 1-on-1 relationships of all kinds shifted their focus to the emotional nurturing and support present or absent in the relationship connections in your life. Who is really there...

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