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The 12 Western Astrology Zodiac Signs


I like to explain the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as “The Ego’s Journey Through The Zodiac”. It seems easier to explain the roles of each sign as if you were walking through them as an experience – it helps make sense of why they are the way they are. Each sign has a special role in the whole of humanity. There isn’t one that is more or less important than the others. In fact, none of these could exist without any one of the others. Hopefully, these explanations make that level playing field clear.

The following descriptions are excerpts from my first book, The Life By Soul™ System – Book One: The Basics & The Combinations.


The ego begins its journey in Aries. Aries is the ultimate “Me, me, me” sign, as it puts itself and its inspired urges first and foremost. Aries represents the ego as leader, and it can provide you with great insight into your individual or personal motives.

Aries isn’t one to follow others. This is leadership energy. If its leadership spirit isn’t on display from the outset, don’t worry—you can be sure it will make itself known at some point. Aries’ fire cannot and will not be contained for long, if you can contain it in the first place.

Action is the word that best encompasses Aries’ energy, and actions born of Aries tend to be impulsive, assertive, sometimes aggressive, and occasionally even violent in nature. This is because Aries will do whatever it needs to do in order to assert itself and its will.  Its sole agenda is to move itself and its interests forward.

This is not to say that Aries energy is intentionally selfish. It is to say that Aries can be so consumed with initiating its journey in this lifetime and being in action to progress it that it often overlooks the fact that others are impacted by its impulsiveness as it tries to identify itself and its place in the world. For this reason, Aries represents the soul’s initiation of ego.

Even when Aries does things for others, it tends to do them on its terms—when it wants to, how it wants to, and based upon its own ability to act in the moment. Everyone else’s needs and desires come second to Aries’ urges to take action and put itself in the lead. However, this is a good thing, as while some people may be upset and offended by Aries’ “selfishness,” others may learn either through or from Aries natives how to put themselves first and how to stand up for themselves and their interests.

By embracing the Aries energy within you and around you in others, you may find yourself learning to become more assertive, more impulsive, and more willing to take initiative to become the leader of your own life.

Look at the sign your Mars is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points are occupied in the sign of Aries, and the position of the sign of Aries in your chart for clues to what inspires and motivates you to take those first steps to action in the matters of your life. Whether you are self-motivated or whether the actions or words of others get you moving, Aries in your chart reveals what gets you moving—your motivation.

Planets in Aries and where Aries falls in your individual chart reveal what inspires and motivates you to act in your own best interests.

Opposing Libra, Aries is the self you bring into your relationships, and is the self you are often called to look to or look at when you examine your role in those relationships. (In other words, this is the “you” that the other person is dealing with and talking about.)


Once it has established its identity with Aries, the ego enters Taurus to begin establishing its personal lifestyle. It tends to focus on the acquisition of physical, material, and/or financial resources (a.k.a. survival needs). Certain quality standards are impressed upon it early in its formative years, and though these standards can be changed, Taurus is hard-pressed to change them. This is why Taurus natives have a reputation for being so darn stubborn.

Yet Taurus’ rather fixed stance is not as much about being stubborn for stubbornness’ sake as it is about its unwillingness to give up its comfort zone and its justifications for maintaining that zone once it has been defined and secured. Taurus as the sign of lifestyle resources thus brings up two fascinating questions for each of us: 1) If you don’t have what you need or want, what are you willing to do to get it? 2) Once you have what you need, what are you willing to do to maintain it or increase it?

The answers to these questions also establish the roots of Taurus’ personal values and moral compass—by beginning to recognize why it goes about acquiring or holding onto the resources or environments needed or wanted for its desired lifestyle standards.

By embracing the Taurus energy within you and around you, you may discover which specific areas or aspects of your life define your lifestyle; the roots of your personal values and morals; and how much your resource needs, your ability to acquire or satisfy them, and your perception of them once you have them may be affecting or determining your personal self-worth.

Look at the sign your Ceres is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points are occupied in the sign of Taurus, and the position of the sign of Taurus in your chart to see what you value and what provides the foundation for your life’s journey. Whether your values and foundation result in the attainment of material, physical, or financial resources or not, they do provide you with whatever helps you feel comfortable and at ease—it is fulfillment and pleasure in a most basic and tangible sense.

Planets in Taurus and where Taurus falls in your chart reveal your most fundamental needs, which may not be so much about money and stuff specifically, but rather, what that money and stuff may provide you intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally, as well as physically. They reveal what you value most and what you need (or believe you need) to survive.

Opposing Scorpio, Taurus is the tangible manifestation of your deepest emotions and your perceptions of your emotional connections to others. How you secretly feel about yourself is (and the secrets you keep from others are) often related to how you perceive your capabilities in acquiring what you need and meeting your needs (or getting your needs met). It speaks volumes about what enables you to feel safe and secure in your ability to survive your life’s journey, and who or what you entrust with these resources . . . if you trust anyone at all.


Once the ego has established the foundation of its lifestyle through Taurus, it moves on to the sign of Gemini. Gemini is often associated with information and communication, and rightfully so.

Though Gemini is usually known as a messenger of information, it is often more a gatherer or collector rather than a disseminator of information—it is a student rather than a teacher. This is not to say that the student can never be the teacher—only that Gemini is usually more interested in gathering information than sharing it. In fact, Gemini tends to say only what it needs to say in order to get what it needs to get. Conversations are pretty much info-seeking opportunities for Gemini natives, which is why Gemini has a reputation for being both curious and duplicitous.

To that point, Gemini is usually very youthful and charismatic, and has quite a way with words. This is because Gemini knows that thoughts and words have creative power, so it doesn’t like to use them without being clear about what it is using them for. Gemini has a quick mind and may have an equally quick mouth, so even though it may seem that Gemini is saying or doing things impulsively, that’s usually not the case at all. Gemini’s just that mentally and intellectually swift.

Look at the sign your Mercury is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points are occupied in the sign of Gemini, and the position of the sign of Gemini in your chart to reveal how and what you seek to find, learn, and know. Your intellectual interests will often reveal the type of knowledge you seek, how you prefer to be educated, how you develop your mental abilities, and how you increase and expand your base of knowledge and understanding.

Planets in Gemini and where Gemini falls in your chart help you to see what and how it is you want to learn and/or intellectually experience in life.  For some, this may be book smarts. For others this may be actually taking action and learning from conversation, observation, or listening. Whichever it is, this is how and where you learn the capacity of your mind and your ability to utilize it and how you communicate and exchange information with others.

Opposing Sagittarius, Gemini is the inquisitive student to the wise teacher. Another way to look at this is that if you are capable as a student of others, you can be just as capable in teaching others. If you remember that life is a constant learning process, you recognize that your learning never stops and your capacity to gain knowledge and wisdom to share with others never stops growing. That being said, it is important to not blindly default to others in matters of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom, thereby sacrificing your knowledge, intelligence, and intellectual capacity to others. Use your inherent knowledge and the wisdom of your own experiences to consider and challenge the teachings and truths of others in the spirit of learning and growing.


Once the ego has begun developing its intellectual and communicative skills in Gemini, it moves on to develop its emotional capacities in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is known as the maternal archetype or “the Mommy sign” of the Zodiac, and it is associated with the emotional development qualities one would expect a (traditional) mother to provide.

Cancer is also the sign of home and family, revealing where one feels most emotionally comfortable or “at home” and where one tends to become most emotionally invested in others. Not only is this sign about nurturing, caring for, supporting, and protecting others—it is also about where one feels most nurtured, cared for, encouraged, supported, and protected by others.

The amusing and ironic thing about Cancer is that though it is associated with maternal energy in a chart, it’s not about nurturing others as much as it’s about what motivates us to nurture others.

Our emotional investments are rooted in what makes us individually feel emotionally safe and comfortable, reflecting our individual experiences in receiving motherly support and encouragement. Since how we go about expressing maternal energy toward others is usually based on our own examples, experiences, and expectations of what mother is or should be, we tend to perceive the mother role through the filter of whether or not we what we got what we emotionally needed from our own home and family environments. This makes our expression of maternal energy rather self-centered as it is based upon what we ourselves need and want to feel emotionally cared for and nurtured. We’re often putting our own emotional needs first, and then the emotional needs of the other person or people we are “caring” for when we are mothering others.

Look at the sign your Moon is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points are occupied in Cancer, and the position of the sign of Cancer in your chart to learn what your emotional needs and desires are, what causes you to feel emotionally good or bad about yourself or your life, how you feel cared for, and how you go about caring for others.

Planets in Cancer and where Cancer falls in your chart may also reveal how you feel about family, your experiences within your own family, and in some cases how and why you may consider others of non-blood relation to be “family” (possibly even more so than your actual family). These may also show where or how you may project familial roles onto others, seeking substitutes for actual family members or roles in other areas of your life because you didn’t get what you needed or wanted from your actual family.

Opposing Capricorn, Cancer is the private and personal life to your public or professional life. What you deal with at home or in private can and often will profoundly affect your professional or public life, and vice versa. As much as you may try to differentiate or separate the two, they are intertwined.  When you are not getting emotional fulfillment through one side, you will likely seek that emotional fulfillment through the other. It is very important to keep these two expressions of yourself in balance.


After the ego establishes and develops its emotional capacities and expressions in the sign of Cancer, it moves into its next level of development—making its uniqueness known to others. Welcome to the sign of Leo.

Leo is known as the royalty of the Zodiac. This is often because it draws attention to itself through its radiant expression of strength, power, and influence. It does everything it can to make its presence known—to shine its light into the world for others to see and acknowledge it as unique and special. Since Leo thrives on acknowledgment, when it is not being acknowledged for what it wants to be acknowledged for, it may seek what it needs. This willingness to do whatever it takes to be acknowledged as it wants to be is what often gives Leos the reputation for being overly dramatic “attention whores” and “spotlight hogs.”

However, the key to maximum positivity and minimal drama is figuring out what Leo wants to be acknowledged for. Once that is identified and once Leo’s needs for acknowledgment are addressed, then Leo is warm, generous, loving, and will share the spotlight with whomever and whatever it believes to be a noble and worthy person or cause. At its best, Leo is able not only to withstand the glare of the spotlight—it is willing and eager to share it with those it is most proud of.

Look at your Sun sign, which of your chart’s astrological bodies are occupied in Leo, and the placement of Leo in your chart to reveal which specific areas of your life you want to be seen, known, and acknowledged for. Leo also reveals what brings you the experience of joy and pleasure. It is entertainment and romance and all that makes life wonderful and makes you radiant in those experiences. Therefore, Leo’s placement also indicates what you like to do for fun or what appeals to you as entertaining or maybe even romantic.  It ultimately addresses what gives you joy and pleasure as you focus on your creativity and self-expression.

Planets in Leo and where Leo falls in your chart can also act as indicators of what you genuinely enjoy in life, the areas of your life in which you are most creative and how you express that creative energy, and which areas of life you want to be acknowledged in and for.

Opposing Aquarius, Leo is the self that strives to stand out as an individual apart from the crowd. It is what you perceive to be unique and special about yourself, and it is what causes you to feel alive and exceptional in your experience of life. It’s what you want others to acknowledge you for or what you may want or need others to bring to your attention for you to feel special and exceptional.


Once the ego has made a name for itself in the sign of Leo, Virgo comes in to make sure the day-to-day of life gets attended to and functions properly.

Virgo is the “fixer” and the “worker” of the Zodiac, addressing the functionality of everyday life on a number of levels. Physical health and wellness is usually the most important, with many Virgo types being healers of some sort. Yet Virgo is also known for producing individuals who are problem solvers, troubleshooters, and system analysts—people who make sure things are restored to full operation and are operating smoothly.

Practicality and functionality are the main themes for Virgo. It makes sure the bills get paid, the laundry gets done, the grocery shopping is done, etc. All the mundane tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis for everyday life to function are handled by Virgo. It builds any necessary systems and routines, plays by whatever rules already exist (or any it puts into place), and does its best to solve any problems and heal any wounds that may exist, all in the name of making sure life continues in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

However, Virgo isn’t necessarily focused on getting things started or completed—it simply wants to make sure things are running as intended. When things aren’t working, count on Virgo to seek solutions. When things are working, count on Virgo to make them more efficient and effective. You can also count on Virgo to find existing or potential problems that others may overlook, giving Virgo its reputation for detail-orientation and preventive maintenance. However, at its worst, Virgo may create problems that don’t exist in order to have something to fix.

Look at the sign your Chiron is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies occupy the sign of Virgo, and the placement of the sign of Virgo in your chart for indicators of what has you recognize your life as “working” or “not working”. You may look to these for more insight as to what you see as “broken” or needing to be fixed or healed in your life, which if addressed or taken care of will give you a better sense of everyday, practical fulfillment. This could help you figure out what may need to be overcome for your life to work more effectively and efficiently.

Planets in Virgo and where Virgo falls in your chart reveal how you go about healing your wounds, solving your problems, and attending to your practical and everyday needs, as well as revealing what your everyday needs and desires are.  These give you a sense of physical and functional wellness in your life, as well as for what gives purpose and brings practical fulfillment to your or others’ everyday life and activities.

Opposing Pisces, Virgo is the ego looking at its everyday life for meaning and purpose. It is how you can be of service to yourself and attend to your own well-being in your everyday activities and choices, even as you may be serving others. It is also how you want others to be of service and assistance to you in maintaining your personal well-being and meeting your everyday needs.


Once the ego has learned how to attend to the day-to-day of its existence through Virgo, it begins to be more conscious of how it relates to others through the sign of Libra. Libra is about one-on-one relationships of all kinds, and it helps keep the ego in check . . . sometimes.

Libra is all about balance. It knows and operates from the premise that there are two sides to every story; that every action has an equal and opposite reaction; that there must be darkness for light to exist, etc. Therefore, it is very conscious of matters of justice, fairness, and equality. Libra does all it can to make sure that peace and beauty are established and maintained through just, fair, and equal relationships. This consciousness makes Libra a great negotiator and diplomat, yet can also render the making of choices and/or decisions a long and tedious process.

Libra is so diplomatic that it doesn’t want to rock the boat by appearing to choose sides or to prefer one thing or person over another. Therefore, it has a reputation for being indecisive. However, Libra’s inability to choose may lead to the same imbalances and conflicts that it was trying to avoid in the first place. But don’t think that Libra won’t jump on the other side of the scales to initiate the balancing and peace-restoring process. Nothing upsets Libra more than unfair, unjust, or unequal situations. If it finds itself in a position to jump in and restore order, it won’t hesitate to do so.

Look at the sign your Venus is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies are occupied in the sign of Libra, and the position of the sign of Libra in your chart to learn how you perceive others to be for you—who and what others represent for you in your life. These elements also indicate how you tend to approach partnerships and relationships because of who those people are for you.  Libra and Venus identify the roles you want to play for your partners, and the roles you want your partners to play for you, for better or worse.

Planets in Libra and where Libra falls in your chart act as indicators of how you see the partners in your life and how you perceive the concept of partnership and relationship. Libra is the sign of partnerships of all kinds, and it greatly influences interactions with others.

Opposing Aries, Libra also gives you an opportunity to see who you are being in your one-on-one relationships—how you go about starting them, the partners you tend to seek or attract (and whether you seek them or attract them), and what purpose they serve for you in your life. If you tend to have repetitive experiences in your relationships with others, this is a chance for you to take responsibility in your relationships and to see who you can be and what you can do to have healthy and happy relationships.


Once the ego knows the role it wants others to play in its life journey through Libra, then it delves below the surface of matters into emotional and spiritual depths through the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the transformational energy of the Zodiac. Scorpio deals in extremes– all or nothing, life or death, in or out, yes or no. Things either are or they aren’t—there is no gray area. In fact, Scorpio has a great disdain for gray area because gray area is indecisive. Scorpio likes to know where it stands, and there’s no better way to figure it out than to make a concise decision or force an ultimatum.

Scorpio’s love of extremes is why it is associated with power and influence. It isn’t afraid to push people or things to their limits in order to figure out where things really stand. In fact, many of Scorpio’s interactions with people and things are built upon checks and balances of power and influence, designed to test and push each other. These exchanges can be very passionate, but not many people can live with this passion or challenging tension for very long. Yet this is only part of the reason Scorpio has a reputation for being intense.

Scorpio may be the most emotionally vulnerable sign of the Zodiac, and it knows this about itself. For that reason, Scorpio doesn’t take things at face value and it doesn’t trust easily. Until it gets to know the best and the worst of someone or something, it won’t trust them at all. It is willing to ask the tough questions, push all of the buttons, dig into all of the dirt, and get to the bottom of whatever it thinks is being hidden–just to reveal the most awful truths lurking below. Yet once it sees the worst, it knows what the best can be because it knows that one’s light can only be as bright as its darkness is dark. Scorpio wants know the brightest light and the deepest darkness of almost everyone and everything it comes in contact with.

Once Scorpio trusts, they are a friend for life . . . unless their trust is betrayed. When trust is betrayed, Scorpio will take those deep, dark secrets and use them to hurt its offender as much as Scorpio perceives it was hurt by it. This is where Scorpio gets a reputation for being cruel and vengeful – it’s usually true.

Another thing that makes Scorpio so powerful is that it is the source of the “phoenix” energy within us. This is where the ego may choose to metaphorically “die” in order to be reborn. This usually involves allowing part or all of the ego to die, releasing what is no longer needed at this stage of its journey. This is often a very difficult crossroads because Scorpio has usually developed an emotional attachment to who it believes itself to be or to the lifestyle that it lives. In order for Scorpio to allow this emotional-spiritual shift, the pain of not transforming must exceed the potential pain of the transformation—something affects it (usually hurts it) on such a deep and profound level that it feels it has no choice. In many cases, this shift is for the better, placing Scorpio in alignment with a lifestyle and relationships better suited to its needs.

Look at which sign Pluto is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points are occupied in the sign of Scorpio, and the placement of the sign of Scorpio in your chart  to learn where and how you keep your deepest secrets about yourself. This is the area of your deepest and most profound vulnerabilities, and you don’t open or offer these up easily. You tend to save the revelation of these secrets for a select and trusted few, with the awareness that in their knowing you are giving them access and opportunity to cause you immense emotional pain. This is where all-or-nothing lies within you—your demarcation of “the point of no return.” Once you’ve crossed this line, there’s no going back.

Planets in Scorpio and where Scorpio falls in your chart reveal which areas or subjects of your life you tend to keep secret or withhold until you feel you can trust someone completely. These indicators will also let you know what you may need to get in touch with or let go of in order to transform your perception and experience of yourself and your life.

Opposite Taurus, Scorpio gives you the emotional and spiritual motivations behind your own behavior, especially regarding your material, physical, and financial resources. It is your deepest emotions for yourself and others and your emotional perceptions of yourself and others that determine whether or not you can trust someone else with the most intimate details of who you are (or choose to be), knowledge of what you value, and the details of the tangible resources you need to survive your life’s journey. This is the source of your “fight or flight”—the emotional core of any circumstances in which you perceive yourself to be at a life-or-death decision.


After delving into the emotional and spiritual depths of Scorpio, the ego begins an adventurous search for truth in the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the teacher or “wise person” of the Zodiac and it teaches from the wisdom of its experience, sharing what it knows to be true with others so all parties involved can grow and expand their presence in the world. Truth and the search for it are paramount to Sagittarius, and it is deeply important to Sagittarius that it doesn’t share something with or teach something to others that it does not know for certain to be true.

That said, Sagittarius may get into trouble if and when it is focused on proving how much it knows to others rather than being able to back up its knowledge with actual experience. Sag is known to speak “tall tales”—exaggerating facts in order to seem like they know more than they actually do. It would serve Sagittarius well to remember that it’s more about finding and knowing the simple truths of life through life experiences than saying just anything or making something up in order to make itself seem smarter or more knowledgeable than others. Sometimes just saying something to say something can be more damaging to its credibility than admitting that it actually doesn’t know in the first place.

Sagittarius reveals one’s faith and belief, as its adventures with other places, races, and cultures lead it to examine who it is and believes itself to be in comparison with or in contrast to how others believe themselves to be. This examination is a gateway to greater awareness and understanding of the big picture of humanity and is a catalyst for humanity to move beyond its perceived limitations and boundaries. This is why Sag is also associated with positive energy, growth, and expansion.

Look at which sign Jupiter is in, the astrological bodies and points in the sign of Sagittarius, and the house placement of Sagittarius in your chart to discover what you believe or know and what you have to share with others. Sagittarius stirs you to seek adventure and exploration of all that is unusual or unfamiliar to you for the sole purpose of gaining more knowledge and wisdom to share with others. Through sharing your intellectual contributions, you expand the intellectual awareness and capacity of the human race.

Planets in Sagittarius and where Sagittarius falls in your chart will also reveal the aspects of life in which you tend to seek personal expansion or growth so as to explore the growth and development of humanity at large.

Opposite Gemini, Sagittarius is the professor to the perpetual student of life. Yet in being that source of knowledge and wisdom, the best advice Sag can live by is to remember that it is only as good a teacher as it is a student. The moment at which Sag thinks it knows it all is the point at which it must seek to learn more. If Sagittarius remembers that life is a constant learning process, it realizes that its learning never stops and its capacity to gain knowledge and wisdom to share with others grows. The adventure continues.


After it searches for and establishes truth and wisdom through the sign of Sagittarius, the ego does what it can to make its mark upon and establish its place in the world through results manifested through the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is representative of paternal energy—the “daddy” of the Zodiac—fulfilling the traditional authority figure, disciplinarian, or provider roles. It is goal oriented, accomplishment minded, and results driven. Therefore, once it has a goal or objective, Cap can focus and discipline its energies, set boundaries and priorities, and get things moving toward the desired outcome.

Capricorn has no problem with hard work. It will earn its place at the top, though it isn’t opposed to getting results or getting to the top in any other way it can. Yet Cap knows that it must have something to show for itself in order to establish a position of achievement and status among its peers. To that point, Capricorn wants to receive the trophies, certificates, medals, the big paychecks and bonuses—it wants to have tangible proof of its accomplishments so that others can know that it has gotten things done in its life and that it has earned its compensation and professional and/or public status.

Capricorn expects to achieve and be placed in a position to call the shots as result of its results and accomplishments. Once in a leadership role, Capricorn commands respect and may demand focus and discipline on the intended goal from any and every person connected with the achievement process. It doesn’t hesitate to put the rules or structures in place to make sure everyone involved is on task, and doesn’t have much tolerance for anyone or anything that doesn’t have their eyes on the prize. Sometimes this causes Cap to be too focused on the goal or “the win,” and others may feel challenged to follow its lead or feel oppressed or suppressed under its leadership.

The amusing irony of Capricorn and its reputations for ambition, status seeking, and authority is that its motives are rather selfless in the context of a traditional father role. It does what it needs to do to achieve a level of success or status to provide for itself and its loved ones. In many cases, the successes and accomplishments are unfulfilling without others to share them with or contribute them to. In fact, acknowledgements and appreciation from others are the most important and necessary results for ambitious Capricorn—it wants others to be proud of its efforts and/or to consider it an authority or master concerning a particular matter, field of study, craft, etc. It is important to remember that everything Capricorn provides is for the purpose of caring for others as well as itself or accomplishing something that contributes to others as well as itself—that is what gives its accomplishments or achievements their importance. It also uses results to prove to and remind others that it is possible to accomplish anything you set your mind to with focus and discipline—and to encourage them to leap towards their own goals.

Look at the sign your Saturn is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points occupy in the sign of Capricorn, and the position of the sign of Capricorn in your chart to learn what your personal ambitions and goals are, what you want to achieve and be known for in and through your life activities and accomplishments, and where you experience accomplishment and achievement in your life. Capricorn can give you insights on where you tend to put up boundaries or disciplinary structures, or possibly where you need to put up some if you haven’t already in order to accomplish your goals.

Planets in Capricorn and where Capricorn is located in your chart also point to how you are perceived in a public or professional way and what determines that perception—this is where your career or public identity is given its due. It is here where you can see what gives you your place among others, and Capricorn may reveal what you are willing to give or contribute to society in order to earn this place.

Opposing Cancer, Capricorn is the public-professional life to your private-personal life, or rather, the classic father to the classic mother. How you perceive yourself out in the world and the value you allow society or the world to give you will have a large influence over how you perceive yourself in your most personal and private relationships, and may determine just how important your private relationships are to you as shelter from the public and professional world you create for yourself (or perceive yourself to be in). As much as we may try to differentiate or separate the two, they are intertwined, and it is important to keep these in balance. Often when you are not getting emotional fulfillment in one, you are apt to seek it in the other.


The ego moves on from making its mark and establishing its place in the world order through Capricorn into consciousness of the whole of humanity through the sign of Aquarius. Where Capricorn helped establish the public identification, now Aquarius helps the ego determine its place among its peers.

Aquarius is the eccentric of the Zodiac. It represents all that is unconventional and unpredictable because it is striving to figure out what it uniquely and individually brings to the table. Aquarius is looking for its tribe—for like-minded people who can accept it for what it is while also allowing it to make its unique and individual contributions to something bigger than itself. Aquarius truly does want to be an integral part of a collaborative endeavor.

Yet there are times that Aquarius cannot seem to find a community that accepts its individual expression. In these cases, Aquarius will go rebel or rogue. It will either challenge the established social order as an act of noncooperation with what has no place for it, attempting to force a place for itself; or it will completely disengage from the established order altogether, refusing to participate and becoming a recluse. For Aquarius, rebellion or reclusion are alternatives to the only other option—conformation.

Aquarius may conform to what surrounds it in order to survive, but its ability to thrive in that environment may be greatly compromised by its increasing misery. Aquarius may continue suffering, pretending to be something it’s not in order to belong to a community or society that it doesn’t truly feel a part of.

When Aquarius does find a community which embraces it for who it is and all that it has that is not like anyone or anything else, it thrives! Aquarius can bring unconventional and cutting-edge ideas to things that have become stagnant or outdated. It brings advancement and progression to humanity in ways that are unexpected—new and exciting ideas emerge, and new and exciting collaborations form to bring those ideas into reality. This is especially true in matters of technological and humanitarian pursuits. Anything that advances humanity as a whole is right in the Aquarius wheelhouse.

Look at the sign your Uranus is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points reside in the sign of Aquarius, and the position of the sign of Aquarius in your chart for indications of where and how you want to bring attention and acknowledgment to as many people as possible, either in service to them or through a service provided by collaborative effort. This is the energy of community, group, team, and organization—a collection of individual efforts coming together, assisting each other to bring something to light or life that none of the individuals could bring about on their own. It is the joy of not only standing out as an individual, but also as a unique contributor within a group, and standing as part of that group while having the entire group acknowledged as one unit for its efforts and contributions.

There may also be a number of surprises that come about for you and all involved as you recognize your unique individual contribution to the greater whole as result of your participation in group or team endeavors..

Planets in Aquarius and where Aquarius falls in your chart are also indicators of in which areas of life you may be most effective as part of a group or collaborative effort, or for the areas of your life in which you may be surprised by the results of participating in such collaborative efforts. These may also be indicators of where you resist the progress of society, being reluctant to learn or implement new technology or resisting participation in or contributions to larger community or societal causes.

Opposing Leo, Aquarius is about putting your desire to be the center of attention aside to make a contribution to the greater whole of humanity. Where Leo is about having the attention placed on yourself to feel special or exceptional, Aquarius is about being in collaboration with others while continuing to maintain your uniqueness, recognizing yourself as a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of humanity’s greater purpose and acknowledging that we each and all have a part in that big picture. Through being all of who you uniquely are and shining your Light brilliantly to the world, you can inspire others to shine the Light they find within themselves.


Once the ego has found its place in or out of society and humanity through Aquarius, the ego’s journey that began in Aries with “me, me, me” has become “we, we, we” by the time it arrives in Pisces. Pisces recognizes that everything in the world and the Universe is interconnected in some way, and as result, altruism emerges. This selflessness usually shows up in one of two ways.

Pisces can show up as the self who serves Oneness including itself. This healthy expression of Pisces through sharing and philanthropy remembers that it cannot serve earnestly without also making sure it is being served as well. It is able to give of itself freely and easily without concern because it knows its needs are responsibly addressed and taken care of. It maintains its own health and well-being so it has the strength and energy to make itself available to others in selfless ways.

Yet Pisces can also show up as the self who serves Oneness excluding itself. This challenging expression of Pisces through self-sacrifice and martyrdom makes it a victim of service to others. This occurs when Pisces gives with an expectation of return for what it gives, when it doesn’t realize that its generosity is being taken advantage of, or when it is “serving” as a way to avoid or escape taking responsibility for itself and the health and well-being of its own existence.

Pisces is also known to be the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac. That reputation is no joke. In fact, many people underestimate just how sensitive it is, none more than Pisces itself. As result o its almost (if not, actual) psychic empathy, bleeding-heart compassion for others, and emotional openness and vulnerability, Pisces often has a difficult time distinguishing itself and its needs from others. This leads Pisces to selflessly taking responsibility for everyone else’s feelings, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs that are not its own. Oftentimes, it doesn’t even realize it is taking on the characteristics of others around it, sometimes to its own detriment.

As result, Pisces often has issues with being in touch and dealing with the realities of its everyday life. When feeling overwhelmed, Pisces tends to seek escape through avoidance, denial, or numbing out when things get tough. Pisces may turn to alcohol, drugs, or other self-detrimental behaviors to ease its suffering.

Eventually, Pisces comes face to face with its pain, and in those moments it either steps up to own and overcome its delusions and to seek the assistance it needs to heal, or succumbs to its means of escape.

Yet that same sensitivity and hyperawareness of others are what also make Pisces the dreamer and visionary of the Zodiac. Without its vivid imagination, artistry, creativity, and boundlessness, the world would be a much less beautiful, exciting, and colorful place. Pisces is needed to help humanity see and feel beyond itself and its limitations to explore and expand into the mysteries of life and beyond. This is why Pisces tends to have a Universal vision of service. It hears and sees a visionary and imaginative call upon humanity to rise above and beyond itself, imploring us to have faith in if not beyond ourselves. Pisces is inspiration of the highest order, and calls upon us to recognize that everyone and everything has a place and a purpose in the world.

Look at the sign your Neptune is in, which of your chart’s astrological bodies and points reside in the sign of Pisces, and the house position of the sign of Pisces in your chart to learn where your best contributions to others can be made for the highest good of all. These also reveal your inspirations, dreams, and artistic and spiritual visions that give a larger purpose to and reason for your everyday individual work and service.

Planets in Pisces and where Pisces falls in your chart may also indicate in which areas of your life you tend to allow others to deceive you, where or how you deceive or delude yourself, or which activities you use to escape or distract yourself from the harsher realities of your life.

Opposing Virgo, Pisces is the dreamer to balance out the tangible and actual practicality of everyday life. It is the escape from reality into what can be possible if only . . . (whatever that only may be). It gives us a dream to aspire to—a reason to be who we are, do what we do, get what we get to have, and do what we need to do with it once we have it. There isn’t a whole lot that is tangible or practical about Pisces energy—it’s simply the mystery of what is possible, and how much you choose to invest in those mysteries and possibilities is entirely up to you. The answer to “What is the reason for life?” is Pisces—unconditional love and acceptance through connection with All-That-Is.

The 12 Western Astrology Chart Houses


Each of the 12 houses in an astrology chart represents a specific area of your life and lifestyle.

The following descriptions are my own, developed from years of astrological study, and (hopefully) similar to many house descriptions you may find out there in the world.

The 1st House

The 1st House is the house of self-identity. This is how you tend to define yourself for yourself, even if your Sun is in different sign or house. This is how you tend to see yourself and how you tend to want to be seen by others. The signs on the edge of this house will reveal the characteristics you display in your self-presentation.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 1st House will have their energies applied primarily to matters of your self-expression and self-identification.

The 2nd House

The 2nd House is the house of self-sustenance. It represents your lifestyle needs and resources – what you perceive you need in order to survive. This house reveals what makes you comfortable and feel at ease or taken care of on the physical, material, and/or financial plane. It also gives insights into how you go about acquiring your lifestyle resources.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 2nd House will have their energies applied primarily to your lifestyle resource matters or how you go about acquiring your resources.

The 3rd House

The 3rd house is the house which addresses your thoughts and ideas. It reveals your learning style and how you best learn new ideas and information. It also reveals your communication style and how you best exchange ideas and information with others. A great deal of insight can be found in this house regarding your ability to learn and listen – which subjects capture your attention, how you tend to acquire information, and how you prefer to engage in communications.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 3rd House will have their energies applied primarily to your learning/education process and/or how you go about communicating and exchanging ideas with others.

The 4th House

The 4th House is the house focused on your fundamental emotional needs. This house represents your home or domestic environment – either the one you have, the one you would feel most at home in, and/or how you believe home should feel or look like to you. It also represents what your own individual emotional needs are and/or your emotional conditioning from the past – what you may perceive as emotionally “normal” for you. It may also reveal how you may nurture or “mother” others, but it will reveal more about how you’ll do that nurturing in a way which either meets your own emotional needs or reflects your emotional influences.The 4th house reveals what makes you feel taken care of on the emotional plane.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 4th House will have their energies applied to or expressed primarily in regard to your personal emotional needs and your home or domestic environment.

The 5th House

The 5th House is the house of creative self-expression, recreation, and entertainment. This house reveals how distinguish yourself from others by sharing your unique self-expression with others on a personal and/or private level. It also reveals how you play, what brings you joy, what draws your recreational interest, and where you seek or express yourself creatively. It also gives insights into your recreational interests, casual romance, and dating behaviors originate.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 5th House will have their energies applied primarily to your unique self-expression and your creative or recreational interests.

The 6th House

The 6th House is the house which represents your personal health and wellness, and your everyday routine which supports them. This is the rather unglamorous reality of life – the grocery shopping, the bill-paying, the laundry, etc. This reveals how you go about attending to all of the practical and pragmatic details that make life work and move things along. This house also represents what types of work or process you are best suited for, keeping in mind that in this context, a job is something you do everyday, not necessarily a career or public identity. The 6th house may also reveal your sense of purpose or service and what motivates you on a daily basis.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 6th House will have their energies applied primarily to your everyday routine, your daily work, and/or how you go about being of service to others in a practical, purposeful way.

The 7th House

The 7th house is the house which represents one-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds. It brings us to self-awareness of ourselves through others – an opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others. This house reveals how you tend to approach your one-on-one interactions with others. It also reveals the qualities you tend to look for in your partners. Keep in mind that many of these qualities will be opposite of those you tend to see in yourself. This is because we’re all looking for someone who can balance us and/or be our equal in some way(s). The partners we attract or choose can be our best insights into ourselves. However, this is a far more objective assessment than many would care to admit. IN many cases, choosing partners is a process which applies more logic and less emotion.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 7th House will have their energies applied primarily to your partnerships and one-on-one interactions of all kinds.

The 8th House

The 8th house represents emotional-spiritual depth, life-cycle matters (life and death),and matters of power and influence. For those reasons, this house has a reputation for being rather intense. It reveals how you may use physical, material, and/or financial resources and abilities to obtain influence and/or power over others or how you allow others to use these means to obtain influence and/or power over you. This house reveals both your emotional strengths and your emotional vulnerabilities.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 8th House will have their energies applied primarily to deepest emotional-spiritual experiences and matters of your personal power and influence among and/or over others.

The 9th House

The 9th house represents wisdom obtained through higher education, travel – domestic and foreign, or other adventures. This is the house that your experiences build, and it often reveals which life experiences you get to gain wisdom from and/or which experiences will be expansive for your mind and your heart. This is also why philosophy and religion are also associated with this house. This house reveals what you will ultimately have to share with others as a teacher or mentor of some sort.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 9th House will have their energies applied primarily to how you go about gaining wisdom through your experiences and how you go about sharing that wisdom with others.

The 10th House

The 10th house represents your public persona, which is often your career or profession. This house reveals the most outward or public expression of yourself – how you tend to show up in the world and, as result, how others often see you. Since this is how you tend to show up in society, it may also strongly influence your societal ambitions and goals as well as reveal your motives behind them. This may also give insights into which societal and/or professional roles may enable you to best fulfill your life purpose.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 10th House will have their energies applied primarily to how you show up in the world and how your go about setting and achieving your goals.


The 11th House

The 11th house represents your communities and your role(s) within them. This house gives a great deal of insight into the people you socialize with, network with, and communicate with directly or indirectly in person, via social media, or by other means of mass communication. This house reveals the affiliations and associations which give you a sense of belonging or that you look to for approval or validation of belonging. It also reveals where and how you may have a tendency to rebel against socially-accepted norms in order to make your unique contributions to your communities and/or to the greater whole of humanity.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 11th House will have their energies applied primarily to advancing your unique self-expression and how you go about making your contributions to your community and human kind.

The 12th House

The 12th house represents your subconscious mind, your intuition, your empathy, and your compassion.This is the house which reveals your ability to tune into the energies of everyone and everything around you, not only revealing how you may be intuitive or psychic (or how those abilities show up in or through you), but also helping you understand why and how you are so sensitive to certain people or circumstances. It also reveals how you may be best able to contribute to or serve the emotional and spiritual healing and wellness of the whole of humanity, the Earth, and All-That-Is. This house also often represents your “blind spot” – qualities and characteristics others may see as your unique and special gifts, but ones you may not see within yourself. However, it’s also the house in which our idealizations and delusions are revealed, and we can learn a great deal about how we may fool or deceive ourselves and others through this house.

Any planets, bodies, or points in the 12th House will have their energies applied primarily to how you go about awakening to and applying your intuitive abilities and/or applying your emotional sensitivities and compassion to healing the hearts and souls of all around you and/or how you go about deceiving or shielding yourself and others from factual reality.

The Latin Numerology “Core Numbers”


Similar to the Astrological Signs, the Core Numbers in Numerology have their own cycle of progression – One being the Alpha, Nine being the Omega, and the other numbers representing the development process in between. And just like the transition from Pisces to Aries, there is the numerological transition from Nine starting again to One, reminding us that every ending brings a new beginning. In numerology, everything has a nine-step cycle.

The following descriptions are excerpts from my first book, The Life By Soul™ System – Book One: The Basics & The Combinations.

One (1)

start, initiation, beginning, action, assertiveness, aggression, individuality, independence, leadership by initiative

One is a leader by initiative, willing to take the first step into the unknown out of a deep-seated desire to be the first to do something or be something or try something. One is always compelled to be in motion, likes to get things started, and can be very assertive and sometimes aggressive in taking its initial actions.

A strong individual that does not easily partner with others, One may find that its independent streak often gets the better of it in relationships. It may find itself doing its best work alone because it believes that others “hold it back” or “slow it down.” However, One can do well with partners or others who are willing to let it take the lead in most matters while supporting it.

In partnership or group interactions, One is not always taking the lead for the betterment of the group or the greater whole. It tends to take care of ‘number one’ first, even if it appears to be putting others first. One rarely does anything that does not have its own interests at the fore. This behavior often has a challenging effect on others, and One may sometimes find itself moving forward and moving on from situations quickly to avoid facing or dealing with the impact of its assertive or aggressive energies.

Though it may get a bad rap for being self-absorbed, self-centered, or fiercely independent, One is wonderful and necessary for how the world works—without it, many things that are happening may never have gotten started in the first place. That, and others may learn how to put themselves first in their lives, inspired by One’s example.

Two (2)

partnership, companionship, follower, support, emotions, sharing, dependency

Two is companion energy, and it tends to seek out others to be with and do things with. It doesn’t like to be or do things alone.

Two is also inclined to be a follower rather than a leader, and would rather be behind the scenes supporting those who want to take the lead or be in the position of power, making it a perfect complement to the aforementioned One energy. Two may shun the spotlight, and if that spotlight does happen to find it, Two will look for every way possible to share that attention with another or others. It is quick to share credit and responsibility for anything and everything it is part of.

Highly emotional and often intuitive, Two is sensitive to the opinions and thoughts of others. Sometimes, it can be so sensitive that it becomes lost in the identities and energies of others, often known (if known at all) as the nameless assistant or companion to the person or people it supports, partners with, or hides behind. Two can also develop dependencies on those it follows or supports, relying on those people to give it its identity in the world rather than taking responsibility for creating and developing its own identity for itself. It needs to be careful not to become codependent, as it may sometimes give up its identity so completely that it becomes afraid to be alone. Others often see Two as needing a partner or needing to be a partner, and may seek it out because they know they can take advantage.

Two is important because not everyone can be a leader. Despite what some may think, a leader cannot be a leader without someone to follow them, and no one follows better than Two.

Three (3)

“child”, communication, wonder, curiosity, learning, growth, expansion, intelligence

Three is the child’s energy of numerology. It is the curious child, looking at the world with a sense of wonder and amazement, and it can often be found asking, “Why?”

As a student of life and the world around it, Three is constantly seeking partners and/or teachers to learn from, and can be very witty and crafty when it comes to learning and gathering information from others. Though it may ask plenty of questions, Three takes the information it gets, processes it quickly, and almost instantly applies what it learns to its life journey. Others would be wise not to mistake Three’s youthfulness and inquisitiveness for naivety or cluelessness—Three is very quick to learn and is much more intelligent and intellectual than their childlike nature sometimes implies.

This number is very communicative and tends to be very sociable, having a natural ease with others. People often approach Three feeling they can talk openly with it and be heard, while others may experience Three as a “chatty” type with plenty to say. Both views would be correct. The downside to this is that Three may talk too much at times, revealing too much information. It is also prone to gossip and may attempt to speak things into existence that aren’t necessarily truthful or that are a stretch of the truth—“tall tales” or “larger than life” exaggerations.

Three brings a highly inquisitive, creative, and expansive energy to matters, and is constantly looking for ways to translate its lessons and ideas into form, bringing growth and expansion to various aspects of life. There is usually a positive, optimistic, and hopeful energy present when Three is around—a sense that anything is possible when you open your mind and your heart to it.

Four (4)

stability, security, safety, dependability, reliability, solidity, structure building

Four takes what Three learns and applies it to the building of solid and reliable foundations and support structures for various areas of life. An earthy and stable energy, Four likes to know where it stands and where everyone and everything stands around it. Four often puts its energy and effort into creating solid resource structures and relationship structures that can withstand any changes that may come.

Four also likes to know what its lifestyle resources consist of; where they are kept; how solid and stable they are; how they can be used, replenished, or increased; and whether they are solid enough to build or manifest its desired lifestyle upon. Four usually knows (or figures out) exactly what it is working with—its resources are all accounted for, its suppliers and supporters are clearly defined and backed up, all the bank account balances are known, etc. Once Four has its ducks in a nice, safe, dependable row, it sits firmly in its comfort zone, rarely willing to give up even an inch of its well-earned safety and security.

Four strives to be the immovable rock in the midst of the storm. For better or worse, this can also make it pretty darn stubborn, and resistant to necessary changes that may provide it with the stability and security it seeks. Four does not enjoy having to step outside its comfort zone for any reason, and it can also be extremely materialistic and more focused on the obtaining and sustaining (or increasing) of its tangible resources than on nurturing and sustaining its relationships. This could become a sticking point in its relationships and partnerships of all kinds, as partners may sometimes feel like possessions rather than people in Four’s company.

That said, Four prides itself on being ready for anything. If it isn’t, you can bet it is doing all it can to get and be prepared. That’s a good thing, because its nemesis, change, is the only constant in life. As much as Four doesn’t like change, it knows it will inevitably face it and have to deal with it. Four will make sure it is as ready as it can be to weather, protect, or defend itself from whatever it might encounter moving forward.

Five (5)

variety, versatility, excitement, fun, play, adaptation, change, intellect, unpredictability

Five makes sure the weaknesses of the structures built by Four are revealed and adjusted or cleared so those structures have integrity and strength. This adjustment usually comes in the form of overt and/or unexpected change, as Five likes to shake things up with unpredictable actions or comments that get people thinking and moving in ways they may not normally think and move.

Five is very communicative, and it communicates to bring about change through its words and ideas. It is also very quick-minded and adept enough to use information it has just gathered to say things that will stir up conversation or confrontation. What is said may not be deemed appropriate or necessary by its present company, but if it inspires or upsets the right person or people, it can get the ball of change rolling and test the foundations to make sure things are really as solid as they are believed to be. To that point, strategic suggestions and commentary are tools often used by Five to prompt the changes that may be needed.

Change is the only constant in life and Five thrives on it! In fact, Five needs the mental stimulation change and unpredictability can bring. Without variety or excitement to keep it mentally engaged, Five gets bored, and a bored Five is big trouble. Literally. Five will often create excitement—unnecessary changes, practical jokes, mind games—to keep itself entertained. It doesn’t necessarily have malicious intent, but there’s a good chance not everyone will be as amused as Five is by its antics. That said, Five does have a desire to keep things fun and entertaining, and others can count on Five to bring fun, funkiness, and drama to the status quo in unexpected ways.

In any context, Five is the voice of variety, the spice of life—with Five around, boredom is banished. The unexpected and unpredictable in life is born of Five energy, and Five is necessary to make sure that we continue to move forward and upward in our lives. In an ever-changing world, we too must change. Without Five, we may not be as flexible.

Six (6)

“mother”/maternal energy, nurturing, protection, healing, problem-solving, wellness

Once Five has made the “necessary” adjustments to matters, Six steps in to nurture the growth and development of those matters. Six is the “mommy energy” of numerology, calling for the nurturing, caring, and protecting of those it is emotionally invested in. Its strong maternal nature is often applied to making sure everyone around it is taken care of, has everything they need, and feels emotionally and physically supported.

Six is also the number of healing and wellness, and can be very practical, methodical, and down-to-earth in its approach to efficiently and effectively finding solutions to problems or issues. Six likes to make sure things and people are working at their optimal levels so that everyday life functions as it believes it should.

Six is also a fixer and problem-solver, and wants to fix or solve everything that is perceived as broken or problematic for others. It often attends to every detail in order to be of optimal service to others, not wanting anyone to feel neglected or abandoned. Yet Six can sometimes leave people feeling just that way (especially itself) by trying to be everything to everyone. It is difficult for Six to understand that it cannot take care of everyone, especially if its own life functionality is out of order. Self-responsibility and self-care can sometimes be extremely challenging for Six, and it takes a while for Six to understand that to be truly available to nurture and serve others, it needs to be healthy and take care of itself as well. Six needs to remember that it is working for the functionality of its own day-to-day life, not only the lives of others.

Six strives to make sure that everyday life works in a practical and purposeful way on every level. It innately understands that in order for the machine of life to work at its best, the practical and physical details of all necessary life components must be attended to and that all of the people involved need to be emotionally and physically cared for along the way. Six actually cares that everyone gets their bandages, eats their lunches, receives their hugs, and gets a good night’s sleep. It wants us to be fully functional so that our lives are fully functional.

Six reminds us to nurture and care for ourselves and each other to make sure life keeps on working with us and for us. Our lives work best when we are able to attend to our well-being and have the necessary health and wellness of mind, body, and practice in order to move forward both individually and together on our life paths.

Seven (7)

analysis, introspection, science, spirituality, logic, assessment, intellect, philosophy

Seven is very analytical and logical, and details and patterns are things that do not go unnoticed or unattended by it. Yet unlike Six, which can be very detail oriented on a practical level, Seven attends to details in both logical and transcendent ways to make sure everything has either or both scientific and spiritual integrity. It is adept at seeking out the facts and having them at hand to prove its points of view, which are usually not a matter of opinion but rather of solid intellectual theory, if not scientific fact, derived through lengthy research and introspection. Seven is a truth seeker, and is hard pressed to let things go forward that have not been thoroughly examined. It wants to make sure that what goes out into the world and out of its mind and mouth is correct and at an optimum level of excellence. Seven takes responsibility for making sure that the facts and truth of matters are known and clearly communicated.

Seven prides itself on being a storehouse of facts and specifics, and as result, tends to come across as a “know-it-all.” Often quickly at hand with the answers to others’ questions or the ability to calculate things at a moment’s notice, Seven’s vast mental capacity and its quick access to and application of its brain’s contents can make its company rather annoying for people who don’t like to be reminded that they may not be the smartest person in the room. Yet those same people may play on Seven’s pride in order to take advantage of its brain, getting Seven to do all the research, determine all the facts, perform the analysis, etc. Many will do their best to take credit for the fruits of Seven’s mental labors. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Seven is always going to give access to its mind willingly or easily. Seven also has a tendency to think too much, often getting itself into “analysis paralysis” by considering too many options, leaving it unable to make a clear-cut choice.

Seven is often perceived as an introverted energy, though that’s not necessarily the case. Seven is often content to engage in conversation with small groups or one on one to discuss philosophical or technical matters at great length and in great detail. However, Seven’s tendency toward analysis, research, and introspection make it rather reclusive. It’s usually too busy learning something new or preparing for whatever is coming next to be sociable. And as much as you may be annoyed by it, you’ll also probably turn to Seven and its brain to help you figure out a few things when you don’t want to think that hard yourself.

Eight (8)

ambition, power, strength, control, status, manifestation, leadership by presence

The research and preparation of Seven is brought out into the open through Eight. Eight is the manifestor, bringing forth everything that has been inspired, initiated, developed, established, adjusted, nurtured, and prepared for revelation—this is the harvest of all that comes before it. Eight represents the cycle of life and the balance of opposites, as the polarities of life and death are fully expressed through it, causing Eight to be recognized outwardly as energy of power and influence. Eight wants to know that it makes a positive and life-changing impact on the lives of others, and does all it can to use its presence and influence to do just that. Eight’s energy may be expressed as a strong and capable presence that easily brings matters to fruition, which makes Eight a great managerial energy that serves it well in partnerships or as a high-level operative under an executive leader.

Eight may sometimes throw its power around a bit to test just how much influence it has in a particular circumstance or within a community or group. It may overstep some boundaries or put some up just to see who or what will challenge it. Eight likes to flex its muscle. However, where One is leadership by initiative, and Nine is leadership by completion, Eight is a leader through its presence alone—it has aura of power about it, yet Eight may or may not have a direction or focus for its expression of power. Sometimes, this causes Eight to get in over its head when it comes to actually performing in a leadership role. To compensate, Eight may express its energy through an intense if not obsessive display of control, manipulation, and/or force in order to change circumstances or to make things happen in ways that make its power and influence known. However, these displays (whether subtle or blatant) often end up doing more damage than good and may sometimes even result in the outright destruction of the relationships, systems, or structures Eight is trying to control. Eight needs to be aware of its true personal, professional, and/or emotional motives for involvement with or participation in certain communities or activities, so as to apply its power most effectively.

Eight is a force to be reckoned with, and is needed in the world and within humanity for its powerful and transformative presence. It helps teach us where we may claim or give away our personal power within ourselves and our own lives, and how we can develop our inner power and strength to make the most positive outward difference we can in the world.

Nine (9)

“daddy”/paternal energy, teaching, results, endings, clearings, leadership by completion

Nine is the energy of completion of the cycle started by One and brought to fruition by Eight. Nine tends to be recognized as a leader by completion—it likes to get things done. It’s not big on letting things go on indefinitely, and is as eager to get things finished as One is to get things started.

Nine thrives on goals and deadlines—it needs something to work toward so it can know when it has reached the end or achieved or accomplished a specific purpose or goal. Nine not only pushes itself to get things done, it also pushes others to produce results and get things done. This is the main reason that Nine is known as the authority figure or “daddy” energy of numerology—it’s often aware of its “paternal” presence and authoritative role, and often conscientious enough to make sure that it sets an example to others of how to be a leader, for better or worse. This can make Nine a great coach, facilitator, teacher, or boss, eager to share its wisdom and knowledge. This can also make Nine a bully of epic proportions.

However, Nine can become very driven and focused on its goals and ambitions, sometimes to the point of tunnel vision. Nine is not easily deterred from its course, and this may result in its treating others in a hyper-authoritative, condescending, succeed-by-any-means sort of way. As result, peers or subordinates may become fearful or hateful of its leadership and presence. Nine may drive others away with its pushiness or assertiveness to get things done at all costs.

Nine may also notice that people who have “daddy issues” or a disdain for authority figures will almost always clash with it, even when it hasn’t said or done a thing to be offensive. Nine needs to recognize the power of its presence—that it projects authority and commands respect, even when it’s not trying.

Nine strives to be an excellent example of what focus and discipline can accomplish in the world and in life. It is much needed to teach us and be an example of how to bring things to both fulfillment and completion, providing what is needed for those around it to be successful and accomplished in their own right or as part of the greater whole. And with each completion comes clearing and preparation for the cycle to begin again—a reminder that every end is a new beginning. Back to One . . . almost.

The Latin Numerology “Master Numbers”


A master number occurs when a date or name numerologically sums to a double-digit number comprising single digits that echo each other—i.e., 11, 22, 33, etc. These are very important numbers, as they represent individuals who have the potential to step into a higher level of expression through sharing their unique expression and abilities with others in their community, with humanity, and beyond.

Think of it this way—you have one digit for yourself, and the other digit gives you enough to share with others.

When master numbers are not living to their potential, they are often living to the single-digit sum of the master digits (e.g., 33 = 3 + 3 = 6). I have noticed that in these cases, the less attractive qualities of the reduced number tend to surface, resulting in a very difficult energy for others to be around and for the native to live with.

If you don’t have any master numbers in your calculations, this is not to say that you won’t be successful in your life or that you aren’t special or valuable to the big picture of humanity. EVERYONE is important! In fact, you may be able to get more accomplished through your single digits than if you had a master number. Master numbers tend to come with not only great potential, but also great responsibility. Sometimes, people with master numbers may have more difficulties on their life journey as it takes more effort to find their path and step into the mastery they are being called to embody.

In birth date calculations, 11s are fairly common, 22s are somewhat common, 33s are fairly rare, and 44s and 55s are extremely rare. The remaining master numbers, 66, 77, 88, and 99, cannot be created through birth dates.

The above information & the following descriptions are excerpts from my first book, The Life By Soul™ System – Book One: The Basics & The Combinations.

Eleven (11)

inspiration, illumination, awakening, leads others to self-awareness, “Light Master”

As double-One energy, Eleven is both an inspired and inspirational leadership energy. It not only brings leadership by initiative—it also inspires others to take initiative and be leaders in and for their own lives.

Eleven has an amazing talent for bringing things into the awareness of the masses. Eleven often has an inherent wisdom, seeming to know or be aware of things that other people rarely know or are aware of. It is often blessed with a sixth sense and/or very high intelligence, and it may even possess psychic ability or be inclined toward that ability, whether it embraces it or not.

The interesting thing about Eleven is that it doesn’t always bring things to light in the most positive of ways. In fact, it can bring forth awareness through scandal or controversy just as effectively as through accomplishment and glory. Yet Eleven somehow always manages to speak truth and bring things to light in ways that others can receive and respect, making the subject neutral. Nothing is bad or good through an Eleven—it just is.

The lower vibration of Eleven is expressed through the lower qualities of Two. Eleven may find that it would rather be in a distinct support role rather than a leadership role, hiding behind the successes of its peers or others, or resisting or rejecting peer leadership opportunities. Resistance to doing anything alone intensifies as it becomes emotionally attached to its community or individuals within it. It may fear shining too brightly, and keep its own light from shining fully in group activities to allow others to shine. Yet what Eleven may not understand is that others need it to shine brightly. That is part of its inspirational and illuminative ability—it teaches others how to find their light through its example. When the identity or emotional state of Eleven begins to rely on a particular community or certain people within that community, that is a sign that dependency is taking hold. However, what is remarkable about Eleven is that it has a way of bouncing back from even the most devastating events and setbacks, radiating its light as if it had never faced darkness.

If Eleven resists what it can be, it can be among the biggest martyrs for humanity. However, if Eleven embraces all it can be, it can be among the most profound and effective in awakening others to what is available to humanity through philosophical or spiritual awareness and initiative.

Twenty-Two (22)

connection, foundation, builds solid relationship structures, “Master Network Builder”

As double-Two energy, Twenty-Two is the ultimate partner. It builds solid relationships in order to build solid networks through which other people are inspired to build and maintain solid relationships themselves.

Twenty-Two partners well with others, as it innately understands that the foundation of true success is a network of solid relationships. It has an amazing ability to connect with people and is committed to making sincere and bonding connections with others. It truly wants to get to know people, and takes time to do so because it wants to have solid relationships and partnerships, and because it wants to know who it can really count on to be who they say they are and do what they say they’ll do. This is important because Twenty-Two is a “Master Network Builder.” It won’t just put two people together because one has what the other needs. Twenty-Two wants to make sure that the people it brings together will make a good connection—will work well together and like each other enough to form a strong connection themselves.

Twenty-Two often makes successful pairings because it knows each of the people it is connecting extremely well—it took the time and made the effort to build good relationships with them. Being able to connect with others and to bring about genuine and successful connections between others is of paramount importance for Twenty-Two. As result, Twenty-Two builds a well-vetted, strong, solid, and reliable network, bringing people together to produce amazing plans and structures for security, stability, and safety to be provided to or for the masses through the power of relationship.

The lower vibration of Twenty-Two is expressed through the lower qualities of Four energy. The stubbornness and rigidity of Four come into play when Twenty-Two isn’t living up its potential, and often in negative or detrimental ways. Twenty-Two operating as Four may fear changes to the network it has so carefully built, especially when valuable connections grow and/or move on in ways that threaten Twenty-Two’s status quo or when Twenty-Two itself has opportunities to grow and move on from some or all of what it has built. If this resistance is occurring, it is a strong indicator that Twenty-Two may have become too dependent on its connections, and it may end up applying its lower needs for stability and security to the establishment of structures to hold others (and itself) down and from moving forward.

When Twenty-Two remains focused on its higher vibration of building solid relationships with others and connecting those people responsibly and with genuine care and positive intent, it builds a solid network that can withstand change and will provide a solid foundation for its own growth as well as the growth of others. These well-crafted and well-nurtured relationships provide a sense of emotional stability and security that benefits all involved.

Thirty-Three (33)

insight, invention, education, assists others in growth & expansion, “Master Scholar”

As double-Three energy, Thirty-Three is very quick to learn, grow, and expand in the expression of its talents and abilities, which not only enables it to educate itself, but also enables others to learn and grow alongside it.

Thirty-Three is a highly intelligent and creative energy. It is curious about human beings and what makes them tick, often studying humanity on the practical , physical , and emotional levels to learn and understand what people need to know and understand about each other. It looks at why people are in the circumstances they are in, why people choose the lifestyles they choose, why people have the health issues they have, why people are in the relationships they are in, etc. Through its studies and experiences, the “Master Scholar” often develops theories, methods, practices, therapies, and treatments which are very practical in their application and can be made accessible to most people in some way.

Thirty-Three uses its lessons and insight to make a positive contribution to humanity’s well-being by its putting the information together and presenting it in ways that bring understanding, healing , and peace to many people. On its journey of lifelong learning, it shares its lessons with others through its own ever-growing self-expression. Once Thirty-Three finds its means of expression, it often innovates its chosen field by expanding beyond the commonly accepted scope of presentation.

The lower vibration of Thirty-Three is expressed through the lower aspects of Six energy. The mothering inclination of Six may become an overbearing and almost smothering expression when Thirty-Three is unable to find or create an outlet through which to grow and share its learning and growing experiences with others. When it can’t expand outwardly, a suppressed Thirty-Three may use its abilities and ingenuity to suppress others’ growth by causing others to become dependent on its intellectual abilities or practices (a.k.a –“you can’t do it without me”); or it may even withhold information, encouragement, and resources so that others cannot grow or expand to a bigger scope than Thirty-Three itself.

As long as Thirty-Three has room to grow, it will do so by doing all it can to expand its mind, to expand its understanding, and to share its learning and lessons of life with others as it goes. Thirty-Three welcomes fellow student companions for the journey—as many as are willing to join it along the path. Its life lessons are intended to be humanity’s life lessons, too.

Forty-Four (44)

structure, stability, power, helps others develop self-responsibility, “Master Stabilizer”

As double-Four energy, Forty-Four is a stabilizing force like no other. It enjoys building stability and security for itself, then it enjoys the process of teaching others how to do the same for themselves. By sharing its practical wisdom with others, it helps to build a strong, safe, and solid community.

Setting up boundaries and structures is easy for Forty-Four, but what it builds is not just for its own benefit. By creating a solid foundation for itself, it builds a soapbox to stand on, proving to others that they can do the same for themselves with focused intention.

Yet the structures that Forty-Four secures as a “Master Stabilizer” are not only material, physical, or financial—they are also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Forty-Four understands that simply having the resources is not enough. In order to establish and maintain a truly solid foundation, it knows it must have the mind, the heart, and the trust to support those resources successfully. The ability to achieve well-rounded success is an inside job—a job that requires ownership of one’s personal power, and one’s confidence and trust in that power. If you subscribe to the belief that you’re never given anything you can’t handle, Forty-Four is the one that helps you learn how to develop your strength and claim (or reclaim) your power in order to manifest the life and lifestyle you want, and it does this by walking its talk.

The lower energies of Forty-Four are expressed through the lower aspects of Eight energy. When Forty-Four doesn’t have a stable foundation to build upon or reliable resources to depend on, it can become despondent, desperate, and sometimes even destructive. In the absence of self-confidence, in the wake of giving its personal power away to others, in compromising its ability to trust itself by betraying its inner truth, Forty-Four can become jealous, envious, vengeful, and downright nasty toward others. Fear-based control and manipulation dominate its establishment of structures and the delegation of responsibilities, and Forty-Four can be found blaming everyone but itself for its predicament, or blaming and/or criticizing itself to the point of self-destruction.

Forty-Four gets to follow and remind itself of the advice it would give anyone else—claim your power from those who try to steal it by setting healthy boundaries and holding fast to them; trust yourself to make the right choices for yourself by honoring your inner truth; know and wield your power without fear. By doing this, Forty-Four establishes itself as a force of nature, not only inspiring itself by building a life from rock bottom to the summit of the mountain, but also inspiring others around it to rise up and claim their power and strength.

Fifty-Five (55)

evolutionary, deviance, unconventional, leads others into change, “Master Magician”

As double-Five energy, Fifty-Five is a highly creative and eccentric energy. More so than others, Fifty-Five creates from what seems like nothing, bringing things to life that are new and different yet simple and ingenious. Its ideas and inventions leave many to wonder why they never thought of them themselves. The funny thing is that others probably did think of them, but Fifty-Five actually took the initiative to bring them into being.

Fifty-Five is a “Master Magician”—an ultimate agent of change. Its fiercely independent and often irreverent self-expression alters the perspectives of others in ways that could potentially evolve the human race. Through the altered world and life perspectives Fifty-Five brings about, truly new ideas and creations emerge. The mindset that Fifty-Five brings to the table is a distinct deviation from the status quo. This is the stuff of exploration and discovery; of revolution and freedom. This is the stuff that changes the world and humanity. Fifty-Five asks the tough questions that everyone else wants to ask but doesn’t, takes the risks that everyone else wants to take but doesn’t, and speaks the truths everyone else wants to speak in order to instigate the changes they don’t have the audacity to make.

The lower vibration of Fifty-Five is expressed through the lower aspects of One energy. Fifty-Five is a powerful initiator of new beginnings, yet when it doesn’t have a healthy way to apply its unconventional brilliance or when its brilliant ideas are demeaned and dismissed, Fifty-Five can be quite an instigator and may channel that energy into a rogue warrior blaze of fiery aggression, usually focused upon an issue or institution it believes is to blame for its oppression. Of course, these ego-driven tirades are not very inspirational or inspiring except to other angry, ego-driven people. In fact, they often damage Fifty-Five’s already questionable reputation.

However, if any energy could rise from the ashes to begin again, it would be Fifty-Five. Its phoenix-like nature allows it to change form and begin anew in its quest to evolve itself and humanity. Fifty-Five is an inspiration to so many who may believe that they cannot overcome their challenges, that they cannot change who they are. Fifty-Five reminds you that change truly is the only constant in life, and as long as you’re living, you can evolve and you have the power to bring magic to your life whenever you want.

Sixty-Six (66)

empathic nurturing, finds solutions for self and teaches others, “Master Healer”

As double-Six energy, no one brings emotionally nurturing healing and functionality to its life and the lives of others better than Sixty-Six. Not only does it heal emotional and physical wounds, bring solutions to perpetual problems, and get day-to-day life responsibilities attended to better in its own life, the rest of humanity gets to learn how to do this for itself through Sixty-Six’s example.

When it comes down to it, Sixty-Six is a healer—a “Master Healer.” On the surface, it may seem to be a troubleshooter, figuring out and fixing what is broken. Yet Sixty-Six operates from an emotional and empathic foundation, and it knows that what something looks like on the surface isn’t always what it is at its root. Sixty-Six gets to the root of whatever is “broken” in a person’s life, and it knows how to do this because it has delved into its own brokenness to heal and restore its own comprehensive health and wellness. Through its own journey, Sixty-Six is learning that the mental, emotional, physical, material, financial, and spiritual are all interconnected. When one level breaks down, they are all compromised in some way. Sixty-Six has developed a knack for figuring out which level needs healing so that the overall health and wellness of a person’s life can be healed and restored.

The lower vibration of Sixty-Six is expressed through the lower aspects of Three energy. Sixty-Six may be so eager to find solutions and fix things in its own life and in the lives of others that it may break things that aren’t broken just to have something to fix. Sixty-Six does this so it can continue to grow and expand its role and reputation among its peers for being a preeminent problem solver. However, it may not realize just how much it may actually be ruining its reputation by doing so. No one wants to deal with someone who actually brings problems into their lives, even if it’s in order to solve them! There is also a danger of Sixty-Six becoming a rampant gossip in order to learn or trigger the emotional insecurities and weaknesses of others so it can come in and save the day with emotional triage and sage counsel.

At its best, Sixty-Six inspires others to heal and restore themselves by healing itself emotionally. Once it has done that, others can pay it forward, inspiring even more others to learn how to heal their lives as well. Sixty-six is how humanity gains access to healing itself.

Seventy-Seven (77)

high intellect, possibilities, guides others logically through change, “Master Philosopher”

As a double-Seven energy, Seventy-Seven considers all of the options, and when I say “all,” I mean ALL. It considers science, spirituality, popular culture—all of it—and it seeks the connections between them in order to explain things from every angle. Seventy-Seven really does do its best to make sense of it all.

Seventy-Seven’s uncanny ability to connect seemingly unrelated elements in ways that make logical sense makes it a “Master Philosopher.” Its knack for recognizing patterns, noticing synchronicities, and figuring out what connects everything to everything else is a game changer, and it definitely upsets the status quo and those who are doing their best to keep it in place.

Seventy-Seven is the energy of logical learning and thinking, yet it is the non-linear application of those logic principles in exploratory and unconventional ways. Seventy-Seven thinks and eventually learns how to operate outside the box of traditional logic and wisdom, and then it figures out how to explain to the rest of us how to get out of the boxes we keep ourselves in as well.

The lower vibration of Seventy-Seven is expressed through the lower aspects of Five energy, which can give Seventy-Seven quite a few challenges to overcome in stepping up to its mastery. Seventy-Seven can be easily distracted, and its lack of focus and discipline can keep the valuable information it has to share with the rest of humanity from being organized and coming out into the world. Though it may believe it is gathering useful information to add to its intellectual arsenal, Seventy-Seven may really be filing its brain with so much clutter that it ends up blocking the flow of what could be coming out by continuing to shove more information in. Seventy-Seven can end up wasting its philosophical brilliance by keeping its intellectual wealth all stuck in its own head instead of sharing it with the world, unless it figures out that what it thinks is not a big deal may actually be something that could change the lives of other in a positive way.

If Seventy-Seven can manage to get its infinite knowledge to flow out of its brain by communicating it to others, it can change lives and change the world with its ideas and concepts. By sharing its intellectual brilliance, it inspires other individuals to claim their intellect as well. When Seventy-Seven gives itself permission to fully share its brain with the rest of the world, it gives the rest of humanity permission to fully share as well. It’s a wonderfully logical exponential expansion of illogical intellect and philosophy.

Eighty-Eight (88)

transformation, manifestation, influence, develops power in others, “Master Manifestor”

As double-Eight energy, Eighty-Eight is power personified. However, Eighty-Eight doesn’t want power for power’s sake—it wants to know that it makes an impact on the lives of others. It claims its own power, then uses its power and influence to encourage and empower others to do the same.

Eighty-Eight has an innate understanding that the heart is the source of personal power, and it operates from the premise that your heart carries your inner truth and the truth of All-That-Is. When you allow that truth to flow from your heart into your mind, you can recognize how your thoughts and words have the power to shape your manifest reality. However, many of us have old thoughts and beliefs that need to be cleared or altered so that the heart can feed the brain rather than the brain trying to send its intention to the heart. Therefore, Eighty-Eight focuses its energies on developing its heart to overcome its mind so that it can be a “Master Manifestor,” generating the necessary heart/Truth energy, then disciplining itself to focus that energy on the production and manifestation of tangible and experiential results that give it power and influence over its own life and the lives of others. Of course, Eighty-Eight is also a very material-physical-financial energy as well, and it isn’t easily convinced about its own truth. It needs to see it to believe it, and this is one place where Eighty-Eight can get a bit stuck.

The lower vibration of Eighty-Eight is expressed through the lower aspects of Seven energy. Eighty-Eight may take so much time considering all of the possible effects and outcomes of its expression of its power and influence that it may never actually express its power and influence. “Thinking” is Eighty-Eight’s way of avoiding, because then it doesn’t have to be responsible for making a choice or for an outcome that does or doesn’t manifest. Eighty-Eight can be the poster child for “analysis paralysis”—getting itself stuck in the thinking process to the point of not expressing or acting upon its thoughts. It may waste a good deal of time and energy trying to convince itself and others that thinking is as valid as acting to implement those thoughts. But alas—it is not, and Eighty-Eight may find itself wasting not only time and energy, but also its potent power and influence, due to its fear of either not being powerful enough or being too powerful and using its power for evil (control, manipulation, etc.).

If Eighty-Eight can get beyond its self-imposed mental blocks and trust what seems to be illogical, it may find that what it feels and knows it in its heart and allows itself to think and believe becomes manifest. When Eighty-Eight begins generating powerful results for itself, it can share its power, wisdom, and bounty with others so that they too may be inspired to grow into their hearts’ power.

Ninety-Nine (99)

completion, decisive follow-through, leads others to closure, “Master Authority”

As a double-Nine, Ninety-Nine is the “Master Authority.” There’s no one who likes to get things done more than Nine . . . except Ninety-Nine. The thing is that Ninety-Nine doesn’t only want to get things done for itself—it also wants to get them done for others. In Ninety-Nine’s world, everyone gets to experience the fulfillment that comes through the accomplishment of a goal, the closing of a deal, the conclusion of a chapter in one’s life.

Because Ninety-Nine is a natural teacher, it is able to teach others from what it has learned in its own experiences. It won’t ask of anyone else what it can’t do for itself, and it shares its secrets for getting things done with others so those others, in turn, can get things done. Ninety-Nine is also an authoritative presence that commands respect, and it uses that clout to focus and discipline others to apply their energies to the completion of the mission or project in progress. Along the way, Ninety-Nine teaches and shares its wisdom and knowledge through example. It especially enjoys doing this through collaborating with others, which results in an ever-continuing community of leaders. For a number that represents the ultimate in completion, Ninety-Nine reveals that with each ending there is a new beginning.

The lower vibration of Ninety-nine is expressed through the lower aspects of Nine energy. In this case, Ninety-nine may abuse its authority and leadership in order to further its personal agenda or to complete its own goals. It sees those around it as its minions rather than its peers, and it may use the leadership it developed with integrity as a cover for less-than-noble interests down the road. Ninety-Nine can bank up goodwill with good deeds, building a façade of credibility and reputation to use its status as a screen for abuse of its position or power. And when its cover is blown, Ninety-Nine can clear it all away, destroying it all so there is little to no trace or implication of its guilt. This is pretty dramatic, yet is only the case when Ninety-Nine operates out of a belief that it cannot achieve its desired results except through abuse or wrongdoing, or because this is how it learned to be a leader or authority figure from someone else’s example.

Once Ninety-Nine realizes that it can get things done simply by focusing its intention, that it doesn’t have to be abusive or condescending to be an effective leader, it can create a whole new legacy of leadership that is rooted in integrity, honesty, and creation. By clearing out and bringing closure to the old, it opens space for the new to be planted and grow. It may be challenging at first, but Ninety-Nine knows better than anyone that out of an ending, the new can begin.

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