NOTE: This post is more of a social commentary than about astrology or numerology (though I mention some astrology details in it near the end). I’ll be making more social commentary posts in addition to the astrology and numerology posts moving forward. I look forward to your comments and thoughts, if you choose to share them. Thanks in advance!

Last week, the Cancer Full Moon (11.63°) made aspect with a few things in my personal chart (opposite Jupiter, square Chiron) so I went through a pretty significant energy shift early in the week – a shift which made quite an adjustment period necessary on my part. It was an adjustment I was in the midst of when part of a community gathering later in the week.

The community event was a small gathering that I’ve had only a couple of times and that is held quarterly. I usually don’t have that many people show up – usually 4 or less. Yet this last time, I had 9, and I admit – in my somewhat fragile energetic state, I was a bit overwhelmed by the unexpected attendance.

The exercise I had planned for the evening wasn’t meant to be for such a large single group. In retrospect, I could have broken them into smaller groups, then gathered everyone back together at the end… but I didn’t. I also forgot to do a grounding exercise with the group, which really might have helped us all that evening. I realized all of this as I was driving on my way home that evening… but that wasn’t the major epiphany I had.

The epiphany came to me gradually throughout the evening. Forgetting to ground and center the energies of the group ended up being a wonderful blessing because it was an opportunity to both witness and experience the clarification of a reality I’ve wrestled with for a while.

There were people of all different ages, races, education levels, genders, and most important, levels of awakening in attendance. Most of us have already awakened to some of our abilities, while others are very aware of and have been mastering all of our current abilities. People had different ways of expressing themselves, and different ways of explaining what they were experiencing. There were interesting questions being asked…

… and there was a whole lot of judgment and tension in the room as result. The judgment in the room was due to all of these things. We were judging each other about all of those things. The tension that was formed was palpable. Egos were on fire!

I did my best to keep the energy balanced, yet there was no denying that some of us were really having a difficult time being in this room with the others in attendance. And as I was driving in my car after the event was complete, an answer came forward as did relief for a frustration I’d been feeling for many months.

The fact the participants were having such a difficult time being with each other meant we were having a difficult time being with ourselves. We couldn’t (or wouldn’t) see ourselves in each other.

And thanks to the participants in the group that evening – that room full of people of all different backgrounds, races, genders, and levels of energetic awareness – the epiphany that came forth was that everyone has access to ascension!

Those of us who are involved in metaphysics – and some of you outside of metaphysical or “new age” circles – have been aware of  the current “ascension movement” – the experience that humanity is awakening to its Higher or Highest potential, moving into higher dimensional energies and therefore, higher vibrational energies. There were a number of people at the forefront of this movement such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and many others. People watched and learned about The Secret and The Law of Attraction, started learning more about yoga and Reiki and various forms of meditation and such, etc.

Well, this movement has continued to grow beyond that into more people talking about energy and vibration; taking yoga and other types of movement classes; attending ascension workshops; experiencing, learning, and practicing energy and sound healing techniques; learning about and using crystal and stone energies; and seeking out writings and workshops from the latest popular thought gurus. The internet has also spawned a massive trove of up-and-coming thinkers and philosophers, all delivering messages of hope and promise and guidance regarding the shift humanity has the opportunity to experience right now.

Yet as this movement has grown and expanded, I can’t help but notice (with both great amusement and deep sadness) how many people are eager to exclude others, as if the ascension movement is only for people who are of a certain social or societal demographic. There’s a lot of that exclusionary belief happening in a movement which preaches Oneness and acceptance and unconditional love. It’s a lot of judgment which doesn’t serve the movement in a positive way.

That evening, as well as out in the everyday world, I’ve been witnessing and experiencing this judgment and exclusion as people try to maintain their 2D+3D societal separations and segregations while claiming to be on the path to 3D+4D+5D embodiment. I am perplexed that so many can claim to have such “enlightened” experiences yet still willingly engage in such low vibration practices as the prejudice and alienation of others whom they cannot comprehend could possibly be their equals on this shared path of human soul evolution. Yes, acknowledging our hypocrisy is part of our growth process – it takes practice and time to strip away the conditioning of our past beliefs and step into new ways of viewing the world and each other. Yet there’s that painful recognition of what we are choosing to engage in, and that is what I’ve been struggling with witness of… until now.

I’ve realized that this alienation is our choice, which led me to another epiphany which may be the most important one of all.

Ascension is accessible to everyone, yet it’s not meant for everyone… and that’s not because we as humans get to pick and choose who gets to have that access.

You see. Ascension is for those who consciously choose to answer the call and step onto the path of ascension.

The ascension is for those who choose to be part of it. This evolution of humanity is for everyone… yet not everyone will choose to participate. And that choice has nothing to do with economic status, gender, race, or level of education…

…or at least it shouldn’t have anything to do with those things. Yet there are quite a few humans trying to exclude their fellow humans who are on the same path of evolution because of those things!

Haven’t all of the principles of the practices we engage in taught us that we’re all in this together? If that’s the case, we don’t get to exclude each other or see each other as greater (or lesser) than each other if this “humanity being One with the Universe” thing is truly going to manifest in our actual life experience.

Think of it this way. The ascension movement and the transcendental awakening of humanity is accessible to everyone, which means there get to be messengers and interpreters for everyone. Even though some of us would like to believe we can, no one can reach everyone – the responsibility must be shared by those who are willing to lead and guide and teach others. Therefore, we need people of different social and societal demographics to be part of the movement if we are going to tip the scales to make a positive shift not only in ourselves, but in enough others to shift the vibration of the world.

This ascension movement cannot be about exclusion or exceptionalism.

It cannot be about playing “savior” to the “lesser”; nor can it be about playing victim to the slights, prejudices, or ignorance of others; nor can it be about feeling a need to prove ourselves or our abilities to others to put those prejudices to rest.

It must be about stepping into our unique individual self-expressions of Light – embracing our abilities and powers to share them with others in ways which inspire, encourage, and empower others to step into their unique individual self-expressions, abilities, and powers…

… and for each and all of us to shine, stepping into and performing those roles with compassion and true, earnest love for our fellow humans.

I felt I had to write this post to remind each and every one of us that we are ALL capable of raising our vibrations. We are ALL capable of making contributions of Light and Love to teach other and this world through the fullest expressions of ourselves… and that we are ALL human and learning how to be the best versions of ourselves we can be in this world. We ALL have access to ascension.

There are no exceptions to this access to or capability for ascension… except the choice not to choose it for ourselves.

Not everyone will hear the call, and not everyone who hears the call will answer it… and that’s okay. Just because everyone has access doesn’t mean they will all know or choose to participate.

Yet for those of us who have accepted the call and chosen to participate, we would be wise to remind ourselves that if we’re all in the same room for the purpose of honoring the call, we are ALL there to participate. Comparing ourselves to or competing with others only creates a more challenging environment for all. And we don’t get to choose who gets to participate and who doesn’t or at what level – it’s not our place nor is it our job to make those decisions for others.

We especially don’t get to decide who gets to wake up to their Higher Selves, and for us to believe that we do get to decide means that we have plenty more work to do… on ourselves.

Ascending to a higher energetic vibration is an act of opening ourselves to a greater awareness of All-That-Is. It is inclusion. It is welcoming. It is acceptance. It is love. It means we are ALL welcome on this journey to a higher vibration. We are ALL welcome, regardless of our societal or social aesthetics, backgrounds, or statuses.

It’s time to for each and all of us to move beyond our social and societal comfort zones to get to know some people outside our familiar and comfortable circles, AND to welcome people into them as well – people who are in the world around us who we have not yet included in our personal experience of the world who are just as enlightened, awake, or aware of the call to ascension as we are, even if they are outside our usual demographic(s).

Our greatest teachers of these principles and our greatest bringers of these epiphanies may not look the way we look, talk the way we talk, dress the way we dress, or live the way we live. Once we choose to move beyond our expectations of what ascension “should” look like and accept those around us as they are (which is also accepting ourselves as we are), we can ascend as a collective whole.

Until then, let’s recognize the Light within each of us rather than the packaging it comes in.

Thank you to the participants that evening for this epiphany, for you helped me clarify something I’ve been feeling yet unable to clearly articulate. You’ve helped me learn something valuable about how we can all progress from here. I love you for the gifts you brought me and each other that night by being exactly who you are, and I am forever grateful for each and all of you.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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