There’s a saying that “the five people you spend the most time with are a reflection of who you are choosing to be in your life”. Venus entered the sign of Scorpio at 3:38a PDT on 7th November 2017, bringing emotional and spiritual depth and substance to one-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds, and under its influence – especially this 2017 version – you have an opportunity to decide who your five people are (maybe less, maybe more, but you get the idea).

Which relationships are you allowing to define you? Which ones do you want to have define you?

Venus was at ease in its emotionally detached, intellectually objective home sign of Libra over the last few weeks. In its native environment, Venus was especially good at managing one-on-one relationships of all kinds, especially through the processes of diplomatic negotiations; assessment of what is fair and just between parties; recognizing imbalances and unfair circumstances in order to establish conditions of balance, fairness, equality, and justice; and possibly even in multi-tasking one’s responsibilities in their relationships with others can require a large degree of mental objectivity and elegance. Venus in Libra was able to approach matters objectively while making everyone feel acknowledged, listened to, and at ease.

Now Venus finds itself in deeper, more complicated territory in the sign of Scorpio. That’s because Scorpio delves into the oft-avoided subjects of emotional trust and intimacy. It doesn’t trust easily, so it relies upon Venus’ intellect and logic to ask plenty of in-depth, detailed questions and putting people through a lot of relational tests in order to feel comfortable enough to let its guard down to be emotionally or spiritually vulnerable. That’s the easy part for Venus.

The harder part is that Scorpio brings fixed water energy to Venus’ emotionally-detached approach to matters. Since water is fluid and flexible, there is only one form it can come in that is rigid and structured like fixed energy – ice.  Therefore, in order for Venus to be able to truly connect two people, it must put aside its nimble diplomatic pleasantries in exchange for something with more depth and substance in order to melt the ice and enable emotional and/or spiritual vulnerability and passion between the parties involved.

Vulnerability has to come first, and it will be a key factor in your relationship decisions during this 2017 Venus in Scorpio. If you are willing to let your guard down, one of two things will happen – the other party will either take advantage of your guard being down to attack you… or the other party will recognize your effort to bridge the divide and let their guard down in kind. Once the terms of interaction are established, passion can be shared or used in dissolving the connection.

In the context of Scorpio, passion isn’t about fiery enthusiasm as much as it’s about intense commitment. It’s a state of being “all-in” and being decisive about one’s intention and direction. During this 2017 Venus in Scorpio, you will notice which relationships and partnerships you are passionate about being involved in, which ones you are passionate about avoiding, and even which ones you are rather indifferent about. These distinctions are of paramount importance because that’s what you’ll be assessing and deciding over these next 3.5 weeks.

This 2017 Venus in Scorpio will have you making some definitive decisions about your relationships with people and things. The timing for these decisions is no accident. Many of us are feeling called to move forward on something that we’ve wanted to move forward on for a long time or in entirely different directions than we’ve done before. In order for you to move forward, grow internally, and expand externally in the direction you’re being called to move toward, you – and almost all of us – will have to lighten our loads. The phrase “lighten your load” may seem strange in a discussion involving Scorpio as Scorpio energy often occurs as heavy and intense. Yet that heaviness and intensity are present in order for you to recognize which elements of your life are bringing weight to your journey, and this 2017 Venus in Scorpio period is an opportunity for you to decide which weight is worth carrying and which weight is worth releasing in order for you to move forward.

These decisions won’t be easy. I remind you of the beginning of this post – my mention of the “the five people you spend the most time with are a reflection of who you are choosing to be in your life” – and the questions of which relationships are you allowing to define you, and which ones do you want to have define you.

Your decision-making process may be easier when you consider the following questions:

  • Which relationships do you feel most passionate about or willingly committed to?
  • Which people do you feel deeply connected to and understood by?
  • Which ones do you feel you can truly let your guard down in – which ones allow you to be your most vulnerable?
  • Which ones support and possibly even encourage your progress toward the direction you feel called to move toward?
  • Which ones have weight or presence in your life, but feel lighter or supportive rather than heavier and burdensome for you?

Consider the qualities which are most important to you. This is your life journey – you get to choose who your most trusted and intimate companions will be. Also consider which connections you feel obligated to maintain (often come with feelings of disempowerment or resignation) and which ones you are consciously choosing (often with feelings of empowerment and enthusiasm).

Keep in mind, however, that the people in your life are also going through this process. They also get to make these assessments. There are at least two people in every relationship, and both have to want to be part of each other’s journeys for a relationship to be successful.

You may have some much-appreciated assistance in making these decisions from 11th-15th November as Scorpio Venus makes exact conjunction with Jupiter on 13th November. This is especially powerful as Jupiter is the planet representing growth and expansion, so Venus’ connection with it amplifies the connections which are supportive of your growth. However, in contrast, it will also make the ones that are not as supportive stand out even more. Nevertheless, this transit brings a wonderful advantage to your decision-making process.

Scorpio Venus then makes trine aspect with Pisces Neptune Retrograde on 16th November, giving you an opportunity to figure out which of the relationships in your life you can provide with passionate support and encouragement. Neptune Retrograde means you are getting a glimpse of other people’s visions and ideals, and you get to decide whether or not you align with them and/or be someone they can count on as an intimate connection and confidant.

Scorpio Venus makes then sextile aspect to Capricorn Pluto on 21st November. This transit is another layer of figuring out who supports and encourages you, but with Pluto in Capricorn, the focus is on power and influence. Who has the power and influence to assist you in achieving your societal or professional goals and ambitions AND is committed to seeing you succeed as a matter of their emotional-spiritual connection with you? This isn’t necessarily a control or manipulation thing – this is a relationship bond thing, a human connection thing. Who wants to see you succeed… and who do you want to see succeed?

But about 11.5 hours later on the 21st, Scorpio Venus makes square aspect to the Leo North and Aquarius South Nodes, creating a T-Square configuration. This is a big deal, as the Nodal Axis is the karmic axis of our lives. The South Node is the karma we’ve already collectively learned and mastered (our default mode of operations), and the North Node is the karma we’re now collectively learning and mastering (our new mode of operations). What many people don’t realize is that both are needed as karma is intended to be balanced. Therefore, Venus making a T-Square with these Nodes gives us an opportunity to recognize which relationships favor our default of seeking our role, place, and/or a sense of belonging in our communities or the world; which relationships favor our lessons about bold and unique creative self-expression by teaching and/or encouraging us to step into our individual brilliance; and which ones keep us in balance by providing awareness of both our community role(s) and our self-expressive lessons, enabling us to use both our unique self-expression as contribution to our communities powerfully and effectively.

Those are the four upcoming Venus transits in the remainder of the 2017 Scorpio 3 Sun Period. There will be a few more Venus transits as the Sagittarius Sun period begins on 21st/22nd November, for which you may want to follow Life By Soul on your favorite social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn) to receive information about those and other transit updates as they occur, and more.

In the meantime, you get to decide – who are your “five”?

Venus will be in the sign of Scorpio now through 1st December.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, & Blessings,




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