Mercury moved into the sign of Libra at 5:42p PDT on Friday, 29th September 2017, bringing its child-like curiosity and desire to exchange ideas and information into matters of equality, fairness, and justice in relationships of all kinds.

Libra is known as the “relationships and partnerships” sign. Yet is also the sign of equality fairness, and justice – meant to keep both parties in said relationship or partnership in peace balance with one another. Libra is also an air element sign, meaning it is intellectual in nature. It’s more thinking and communicating than emoting and feeling.

That’s why Mercury is very happy to moving through Libra for the next three weeks. It’s right at home in a sign that allows it to operate with intellectual logic and emotional detachment.

There are going to be at least two parties involved in every exchange, and the point of these exchanges is to crfeate or sustain peaceful, balanced partnerships. This is easier when the parties involved see eye-to-eye on most or all matters. But when there is strong disagreement between the parties or a deep imbalance or inequity in play, there is a need for diplomatic negotiation.

And as most of us can tell, some serious diplomatic negotiation is needed in many matters right now.

On a collective or global level, there are major shifts in balances of power occurring due to Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. As more and more societal structures deteriorate, what seem like small-scale scuffles are starting to become large-scale conflicts, and these aren’t going to pass – these conflicts are changing (and are meant to change) the societal and global landscapes for the long haul.

These conflicts and changes are affecting us on the individual or personal level as well. We are experiencing the impact of the global changes upon our individual life experiences in ways which are changing our own self-identities. As we change how we see ourselves by becoming more aware of our individual truths and values in the face of societal and global transformation, we may also experience changes in our perceptions and perspectives of our relationships. We may be finding that many of the people we are in relationship with may not share our views or perspectives as much as we thought they did. We may realize we are on different paths now. These minor and major disagreements have us assessing which connections can overcome these differences, and which ones cannot. As result, changes are occurring in our everyday lives – changes which will indeed change the trajectory of our lives.

Mercury in Libra is the influence which can open up the conversations which need to be had in order to figure out where people stand, and if and how they get to be connected to other people moving forward.

Mercury in Libra is also the influence that will open the lines of communication for those needed diplomatic pathways to peace to be formed between two people or parties.

Of course, where there is a desire for peace to be established, these conversations are one thing. However, where there is a desire for conflict, that’s a different story. In those cases, do NOT underestimate Mercury in Libra’s ability to deliver the words that need to be said in order to point out imbalances, inequalities, or injustices. This 2017 Mercury in Libra has great potential to be the ultimate “social justice warrior” voice, and it will not hesitate to quickly and precisely call out whatever it sees as out of balance.

Whether that voice brings forth peace or more conflict has yet to be determined. One thing is for certain – our world has put up a sign that says “diplomacy wanted”, and the 2017 Mercury in Libra is ready to do the job to the best of its ability.

Mercury will be in Libra now into Tuesday, 17th October. Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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