The 2017 Aries Full Moon reaches its maximum phase at 11:40a PDT on Thursday, 5th October. Reflecting the light of the Libra 11 Sun, this Moon is bringing us into awareness of how we individually feel about ourselves and our roles in our partnerships, and how those emotions may influence our actions within and separate of our relationships with others.

I’m going to the transits right from the start here because these are where the real story of this 2017 Aries Full Moon comes to life.

Mercury in Libra will be within 3°conjunction orb of the Libra 11 Sun, placing both opposite the Aries Moon (10-12°). This is interesting because it gives the Sun a much stronger and louder voice than it might normally have. Opposite the Aries Moon, this is an interesting position as it strengthens the voice of reason in the relationship matters at hand. If relationships are peaceful and balanced, this voice of reason will affirm these conditions. However, if relationship matters are out of balance and/or in conflict, this voice will not hesitate to assertively jump on the scales to bring fairness, justice, and balance to the matters at hand in order to (re)establish peace.

The Full Moon’s max phase also finds both Mercury and the Sun at quincunx aspect to Pisces Neptune Retrograde. This reveals very challenging discussions/negotiations as fantastic ideals are met with objective logic. Emotional outbursts are likely as facts that cannot be disputed are presented – outbursts which will have someone(s) either declaring themselves a victim under attack by the other, or as willing to sacrifice themselves for the other (or for themselves) in order to double-down on an emotional conviction.

And this reveals Pisces Neptune Retrograde to be semi-sextile to the Aries Moon, indicating that the emotion-driven denial is likely lead to assertive or aggressive action in order to protect one’s emotional ideals or delusions. In other words, this could result in actions being taken as an effort to keep the dream (or delusion) alive.

This is a challenging combination of energies because the louder the voices of those seeking fairness and justice become, the more aggressive the actions of those who don’t want to hear them are likely to become.

And sadly, the old saying is true – actions speak louder than words. Every. Time.

There is no reasoning with extreme emotion, and there is a lot of emotion-driven fear right now. Those who are living in and operating from this fear are experiencing life like animals with shrinking cages. When faced with no where to run, their only option is to attack in an attempt to escape or survive what feels like a threat to their survival.

That’s how deep some of these delusions are rooted. That’s how deep some of these fears run.

The other transits of the day aren’t exactly helpful in alleviating this energy.

Venus and Mars make exact conjunction in Virgo (19.25°) only a few minutes before the Full Moon’s maximum phase. The Venus-Mars conjunction is within trine aspect of Capricorn Pluto, which reveals either joint actions to move something forward in a pragmatic and profound way, or it reveals two parties being at odds with each other over how to proceed, compromising the power of both parties in pursuit of their goals. In other words, if you aren’t doing something positive together, you’re probably damaging each other’s credibility trying to pull each other to pieces. Depending on the parties involved in a specific situation, this could go either way – for better or worse.

Libra Jupiter is opposite Aries Uranus Retrograde (26-27°) at max phase, and this is an interesting call to balance individual rebellions with a growing awareness that progression toward peace can only be achieved through partnership. This transits also could go either way – for better or worse.

The big one is Sagittarius Lilith square Pisces Chiron Retrograde (25-26°), and this one’s a doosy simply because a fervent desire for factual truth is challenging the delusional beliefs many people are desperately holding onto in order to avoid feeling either long-held emotional wounds which have not been healed, or the emotional pain of realities which they do not want to face. This is a very challenging energy for those trying hard to keep their rose-colored glasses intact as the afore-mentioned Jupiter in Libra is sextile to Lilith, amplifying the call to bring fact-based justice and equity to the fore. This also means Jupiter in Libra is quincunx Chiron Retrograde, which does not do Chiron Retrograde any favors. Its pain will be triggered, and any victim-martyr sob stories given in order to gain mercy won’t be well-received by the emotionally-detached Libra energy. Those who are feeling the emotional pain of factual reality will feel it in a big way, and this could be a very traumatizing time for people who have managed to avoid, yet can no longer avoid old emotional-spiritual baggage that now needs to be faced and healed.

That’s the good news about this 2017 Aries Full Moon – it’s a clear, undeniable call to unload any and all excess emotional baggage we’ve been carrying around.

But there may be more bad news that good news with this one, and it’s going to be really difficult for some people to let go of their baggage.

This 2017 Aries Full Moon is occurring on a 7 universal day, numerologically speaking. This means that there will be a lot of analyzing, thinking, and processing on this day. This could be a good thing in that there is so much air/intellectual energy in play thanks to the abundance of Libra energy on this day, it could give pause to otherwise impulsive emotion-driven actions.

Yet this is a 7 day within an 11 universal month of peer and community leadership, and a 1 universal year of initiative actions and new beginnings, and if there’s enough people thinking and saying one thing, there could be enough energy for someone to lash out in support or opposition of that position – being a hero or a martyr for their cause.

For those of you who have been on a self-reflective spiritual-emotional journey for a while now – for those who have been “doing their work” – this will feel like the final, most painful hurdle to your goals. You’ll be more likely to embrace this process because you’re used to looking at yourself with a critical eye and you’re more thank likely ready if not eager to let your last bag(s) go. You’ll see this as an opportunity to courageously heal long-held wounds and release long-carried burdens.

Yet for those of you who have not yet begun a self-reflective spiritual-emotional journey, this may be your first taste of what it feels like to have to see yourself and confront some hard truths about yourself and your life. When faced with your truth, you may cling to your baggage for dear life, likely because you identify so strongly with the contents of your bags that you don’t know who’d you’d be without them. You’d rather stick with the pain you know than move into uncertainty – you’d rather remain wounded than risk be healed.

Under the influence of this 2017 Aries Full Moon, you’ll either face and experience what it feels like to be held responsible and accountable for your actions, or you’ll take actions in order to avoid being held responsible and accountable for your emotions and beliefs.

Of course, you could choose to channel your aggression into actions which could bring balance and peace to matters. How could you apply your energy toward something creative instead of destructive? Or you could choose to let your emotions flow privately instead of publicly. How can you give yourself the space and time to let go of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying?

The energy of the Full Moon will be felt for three days before and three days after its maximum phase. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires for you on a personal level, and for all of us on a collective level as actions always speak louder than words, even when those words are pretty darn loud.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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