I’m choosing to address this day – Saturday, 9th September 2017 – in particular because we are in the midst of some major world events, and there are transits occurring and numerology of note which may bring insight to what is happening.

We’re experiencing major storms and major flooding not only here in the United States, but in Asia as well. A major earthquake occurred in Mexico just south of a large storm making landfall, also in Mexico. We’re also experiencing extremely large solar flares from the Sun which are affecting the energetic vibrations – especially the communicative and navigational transmissions – on our planet. And that’s just nature’s part. There’s also quite a bit of geopolitical drama and domestic political drama that is ensuing.

Let’s look at what’s happening numerologically and astrologically so we may better understand why everything is happening the way it is and find some peace in how to navigate through it all.

In the numerology of the day, 1 energy is very similar to Aries-Mars energy is astrology – initiative, assertive, aggressive. It brings forth new beginnings and fresh starts. Today, we’re experiencing a 1 universal day in a 1 universal month in a 1 universal year – a LOT of energy supporting new beginnings and fresh starts.

Yet this is a 9-9 date, and those new beginnings are going to come in the form of endings both chosen and/or forced for many of us around the world. The energy of 9 is of fulfillment and completion, and if you haven’t chosen to release certain attachments or connections, the ones which no longer serve you moving forward may be ended without your say in the matter. Remember that even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment, whatever is ending now really is ending for your best interests. These endings will allow you to truly begin anew.

When I teach astrology, I often make it a point to talk about the power of “favorable” transits. Sextiles – 60° between bodies and points – are supportive and encouraging aspects which gently nurture the expression of energies along. Trines – 120° between bodies and points – are energizing and empowering aspects which give boldness and daring to the energies involved. How the “positive” energy shows up in our experience depends upon which bodies and points are involved in the transits, and which signs they those bodies and points are in.

Sometimes, trine and sextile transits really play out for the best. Other times, the trine and sextile  transits create a ‘perfect storm’ of energies. The “positive” nature of these aspects and transits only mean that the bodies and points involved play nicely with each other – it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll play the way we humans want them to.

That said, let’s look at the cornucopia of trine and sextile transits we get to experience today, this 9th day of September 2017. Keep in mind that we’ve been experiencing some of these energies for a day or two now.

  • The big configuration is a Fire-Air Bowl configuration involving the Leo North Node (24.05°) sextile Libra Jupiter (23.69°) sextile a conjunction of Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius (21.36-23.27°) sextile Aquarius South Node (24.05°). The energy of this configuration has been active for a few days and will be around for a few more. It lets us know that all that is happening is demanding that each of us step into our individual creative self-expressions in order to assist in addressing relational and societal (im)balances and (in)justices through objective assessment and diplomacy, either recognizing the limitations we are facing as we deny factual truth OR recognizing the freedoms we can experience when we accept factual truth. It encourages us to look at how we may contribute our individual self-expression to a collective cause once we’ve embraced that creative energy and learn how to express it authentically and in alignment with our personal goals and intentions. The most important message this configuration delivers is that there are and will continue to be factual truths we must face in order to progress ourselves and our goals forward. The events occurring during this time frame will force us to face those facts, and figure out how we intend to move forward from here. The inspiration to action will come through intellectual and communicative means.


  • A challenge with the afore-mentioned bowl configuration is that our societal structures – societal institutions such as governments, corporations, education institutions, etc. – are all undergoing transformation thanks to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, which happens to be in trine aspect to the Virgo 1 Sun (most exact at 3:45a PDT today – 16.95°). This transit has revealed and will continue to reveal how we are being called to act in new and different ways to make our everyday lives functional. The societal support structures which are usually in place are seriously compromised in their strength IF they even still exist. They’re unable to serve or may no longer available… if they ever were available in the first place. The light and initiative energy of the Virgo 1 Sun brings greater revelation of these structural faults or absences and amplifies the call to find pragmatic solutions to our everyday challenges which are efficient and effective.


  • The short-term configuration with a BIG presence right now is an Earth Grand Trine configuration involving the Moon at 3.10° Taurus, Mars at 2.86° Virgo, and Juno at 3.33° Capricorn – most exact at approximately 2:40p PDT. This has the Moon’s lunar/gravitational energies being applied as a resource by Mars, which is empowered by the Moon’s energy to take pragmatic actions and follow through on progressing matters to produce results – results which enable Juno to fulfill its commitments… to societal structures and standards which may or may not still be in place. There would be emotional satisfaction in fulfilling those commitments, but what happens in the event that those structures are no longer in place? Will the absence of structure inspire the cycle of productive action to continue, or maybe even earnestly begin? I’d actually go as far as to say this Grand Trine is allowing us to feel the impact of the various events which are occurring at this time – both physically and emotionally. This is empowering us to actually do something about what is happening, energizing us to take action to develop and implement efficient, effective, and pragmatic solutions to the challenges we face.


  • Aries Uranus Retrograde (27.94°) is trine Leo Mercury Direct (29.86°),bringing combustible energy to the mix in yet another form as Aries is the sign ruled by Mars. It should be noted that Leo Mercury and Virgo Mars (2.86°) are within 3° orb of each other, making them conjunct even though they are in different signs until just before 8:00p PDT this evening, making it more likely this trine is amplifying some rather combustible energies which may encourage individuals to take action to solve any real or perceived problems at hand. Individuals will likely make assertive or aggressive individual efforts to “contribute” their unique self-expressions to or in the name of their communities or to humanity-at-large, and these efforts may be more assertive and public than we may be accustomed. This could also manifest as powerful amplification of aggressive energies through communications made public intentionally or through revelation.


The three official “tension” transits of the day are brought to us by one square and two quincunx transits.

  • Cancer Ceres (24.75°) square Libra Jupiter (23.69°) – How are your personal values and your emotional investments based upon those values being challenged by calls for diplomacy, fairness, and justice in partnerships or relationships of all kinds?
  • Cancer Ceres (24.75°) quincunx Sagittarius Saturn conjunct BM Lilith (21.36-23.27°) – Emotional investments are not aligning with the factual truth you are being called to align with.
  • Leo Venus (17.67°) quincunx Capricorn Pluto Retrograde (16.95°) – To shine alone or shine with a partner? That is the question, especially when you’re not sure what purpose or objective you’re shining for. How do you want to express yourself creatively, and do you have partners to assist or encourage that expression?


In order to understand the energies of this day – and really, the last 7 days, today, and the next 7 days to come – is that we are experiencing major endings which are enabling major new beginnings. The key to getting through all of this isn’t so much to try and hold onto what is ending or being lost, but rather to embrace the clean slate and seek what can be done to start again.

The questions for you to answer now…

  • Are you willing to physically, intellectually, and emotionally let go and accept the endings which are occurring?
  • And what do you want to use your clean slate to begin?


Thanks for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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