The 2017 Aquarius Full Moon reaches its maximum phase and the maximum phase of a partial Lunar Eclipse – at 11:11a PDT on Monday 7th August 2017 (15.42°). During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon blocking (or in today’s case, partially blocking) the Moon’s reflection of the Sun for a while. This is rather symbolic of the events and matters of the world and everyday lives preventing us from seeing ourselves clearly… but the obstruction is temporary, and the restoration of the Sun’s light gives us an opportunity to recognize things happening around us we might not recognize otherwise.

We often don’t know what we’re missing until its missing, even a little bit. The upcoming New Moon-Total Solar Eclipse over North America will have a larger impact on this self-discovery process two weeks from now, but in the meantime, this partial Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon could be considered an excellent preparation for those larger revelations to come. That said, we’d be wise not to underestimate the revelations coming to light during this 2017 version of the Aquarius Full Moon as it is quite powerful, bringing us to the edge of a new perspective of ourselves and our lives. The doorway which began opening during the first Leo New Moon to give us the promise of light in the midst of our darkness now invites us to walk through, encouraging us to step over the threshold into the light and into uncharted experiences of ourselves and our lives.

I refer to the Leo-Aquarius axis as ‘the Axis of Expression’. This is because on the Leo end, we are often seeking acknowledgement of ourselves as individuals, independently and uniquely recognized for our uniquely creative individual self-expressions. On the Aquarius end, we are often seeking our place among others in collaborative community – looking to play a unique role in contributing to something greater than ourselves. On both ends, we are looking to find a unique place in the world for our creative self-expressions to shine in all their brilliant glory.

During the Aquarius Full Moon, we find our individual selves (through the energy of the Leo Sun) reflected by our communities. There’s an old saying that the people we spend the most time with are a reflection of who we are being and how we are living our lives. The groups, teams, networks, associations, affiliations, communities you are part of – these allow you to see the people around you as a reflection of who you are. Who and what do you see? How do you feel? Are you happy with what is being reflected to you? Are you ready to step into your fullest self-expression, or are there changes you want (or need) to make in order to move forward in a joyful way?

This 2017 Aquarius Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse in one in which there is no hiding from the truths emerging through what those around you actually represent for you and/or reveal about you, whether they are speaking it directly to you or demonstrating it through their actions. They will both reveal who you are AND who you aren’t, and in some cases, you may get more of one side than the other. Either or both ways, one thing is for certain – you’ll have a much clearer picture about where you actually stand in the matters of your life, and you’ll have a much better sense of what your next steps need to be in order to move through threshold onto a path and moving in a direction you can truly be happy with.

The numerological energies of this 2017 Aquarius Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse are also pretty profound. This reaches maximum phase on a 7 universal day of analysis and reflection (in most of the world – some parts of the far east will be experiencing an 8 universal day of power and influence in a 9 universal month of fulfillments and completions in a 1 universal year of new beginnings . The Leo 9 Sun energy is the energy of “The Diva” – getting things done on its terms in ways which accommodate and acknowledge its presence.  Under these numeric influences, you’ll notice quite a few people assessing their current life circumstances, looking at where and how they may be expecting to be accommodated and acknowledged at this time. You’ll also notice people ending connections with other people and groups from which they are not getting the acknowledgment, affection, or adoration they desire. This round of completions and endings assists many people in finding the courage to move forward through the doorway opened by the first 2017 Leo New Moon to find new life perspectives and courses of action which better align with their inner truths.

There are quite a few semi-sextile transits occurring at the time of the 2017 Aquarius Full Moon-Eclipse’s maximum phase. Semi-sextiles are contagion aspects – one body’s energy leads to the next in a cause-and-effect manner. The prolific number of these transits during this Full Moon indicate that this is leading us to something bigger when the Solar Eclipse-New Moon arrives on 21st August.

There are a few transits which involve the Leo 9 Sun and Aquarius Moon as they meet in opposition to create the 2017 Aquarius Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse:

  • Capricorn Pluto Rx semi-sextile Aquarius Moon and quincunx the Leo 9 Sun (15-17°) – As institutions of power receive and process their feedback about the effects of their power and influence, their assessments lead to powerful realizations about how most people really feel about them right now. Difficult details are being revealed as those who are in power are trying to keep their secrets while desperately seeking attention, affection, and adoration. They’re quickly learning they will rarely if ever be able to be adored and have secrets.
  • Aquarius Moon semi-sextile Pisces Neptune Rx (13-15°) – As society’s emotional state becomes more clearly known, this knowledge leads to some social and societal idealizations and delusions being met with some realities which may require a shift in perspective. Pisces Neptune Rx is quincunx the Leo 9 Sun as well, revealing to you which ideals will need to be released if your dreams are truly going to be manifest.

And there are plenty more which reveal what this 2017 Aquarius Moon-Lunar Eclipse is bringing to light and setting us up for:

  • YOD: Leo 9 Sun quincunx Pisces Neptune Rx quincunx Libra Jupiter (15-17°) –  Drawing attention to oneself helps create or secure balanced growth in partnerships, and together, these energies may find you facing some harsh realities about the pursuit of your ideals as feedback from others helps you assess the reality factor of your visions and dreams. Their perceptions and actions may provide valuable insight and impact.
  • SEQUENCE: Cancer Ceres semi-sextile Leo Mars semi-sextile Virgo Mercury (10-11°) – Your emotional investments lead to bold actions taken to bring attention to yourself, These actions inevitably lead to the need for detailed plans to follow or new approaches to thinking and approaching matters in order to move forward in practical, purposeful, efficient, and effective ways.
  • Cancer Ceres trine Pisces Neptune Rx (11-13°) – Emotional investments inspire and empower people to pursue (or continue pursuing) their dreams and visions. This definitely encourages the rose-colored glasses effect regarding whichever dreams are being pursued and the ability for those dreams to be fulfilled.
  • Libra Jupiter sextile Sagittarius BM Lilith (17-19°) – Partnership growth and expansion is supported and encouraged when partners genuinely desire to have an actual first-hand experience of being and walking in their partner’s shoes. This could assist individuals in understanding the challenges people have gone through in order to become who they are now, and why they are so deeply affected and/or motivated by certain elements of their lives.
  • Libra Jupiter square (Capricorn Pluto Rx conjunct IC) – Balanced relationships can be challenging when the partnership has a public or professional duty to maintain a position of societal power and influence. Which takes priority – nurturing balance in the partnership or obtaining and maintaining the power?
  • Sagittarius BM Lilith semi-sextile Capricorn Pluto Rx (17-19°) – Powerful desire for truthful and authentic interaction leads to some (brutally) honest feedback to those in positions of societal power and influence.
  • Pisces Chiron Rx semi-sextile Aries Uranus Rx (28°) – Re-opened emotional wounds lead to assertive (if not aggressive) and unexpected expressions of rebellion from the greater whole. People want the individual freedom to be who they are, and they aren’t afraid to come together to stand for those freedoms.

The effects of this 2017 Aquarius Full Moon will be felt for about 3 days after the maximum phase. However, eclipses have an extended effect, and be ready for whatever emerges from this 2017 partial Lunar Eclipse to have an effect on all of us for a while. Whatever is uncovered or comes forth in these next few days will have a presence for about the next 6 months, and energies will continue encouraging truths to emerge, bringing more insights to your partnerships of all kinds and the power dynamics within them.

Be aware of how much power and influence others have over you, but also be aware of how much influence and power you have over others. You may discover that this is a time for you to step into the spotlight and make yourself known… or you may find that this is simply a time for reflection and assessment – an opportunity to plan for your debut on a larger platform or in a more deliberate way in one or more areas of your life.

This is your call to step through the door. The light you’ve been looking for to lead you out of your darkness is very near, waiting for you to come to it. Find the courage, and take the steps. Now’s the time.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,




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