Our next Full Moon is a Capricorn Full Moon, reaching maximum phase at 9:06p PDT on Saturday, 8th July 2017 (17.15°). However, for most of the world (thanks to time zones), this will be occurring on Sunday 9th July 2017.

During this Full Moon, the Capricorn Moon is opposite the Cancer 8 Sun, meaning this is a time of powerful emotions which will fuel emotional plays for power and influence – emotional manipulations intended to control matters at hand. If you want to know if you have an emotional investment in your ability to influence and/or control matters in and around your life, this is the time. You may have something in your chart which connects directly with this Full Moon opposition.

The Moon itself being in Capricorn means that we become emotionally aware (if not emotionally hyper-aware) of our emotional investment in our goals, our objectives, and our ambitions to achieve or fulfill them. You may notice yourself and others being (emotionally) sensitive to matters which affect our abilities to pursue and achieve our goals. As our emotions evolve and mature, we may also notice that our goals and objectives must change as well, causing some of us to experience a letting-go of old, outdated perspectives and objectives which no longer serve us or the greater whole. We may also realize that as the world is changing around us, our goals and objectives, too, must change – whether we like it or not – and this may cause some of us a great deal of emotional upset or pain as we realize just how invested we are in our old objectives and ideals. Some of us have built our entire identities on our professional and/or societal goals, and this 2017 Capricorn Full Moon helps us confront how difficult it is for us to let our past-based objectives go for the highest good of ourselves and others.

This is occurring on a 7 universal day numerologically here locally in the far West. But for the majority of the world, this is occurring on 8 universal day. Yes, an 8 universal day in an 8 universal month in a 1 universal year. Seven universal day energy is introspective, thoughtful, and analytical; while 8 energy is focused on making a difference in the people and world around it, for better or worse. This is likely going to show up as a few people still being stuck in planning mode while most everyone else is already in (re)action mode. You may still be in dealing in dreamland while others are dealing in reality.

The 8 universal month is one in which the balance of power and influence in matters is addressed. It is also a transformative energy in which results come manifest, giving us an opportunity to experience what truly empowers us around our objectives and enables old goals to be updated, new goals to be created, and new progress toward our goals to be made. With the 1 universal year marking a year of initiating new beginnings, this is a time for recognizing what is truly desired and planting seeds of intention to bring those seeds to harvest.

Eight energy intends for the power and influence it wields to have a positive and productive effect on others, but positive is in the eye of the beholder. That’s especially the case for this 2017 Capricorn Full Moon. Those who try too hard to make a difference may end up being more destructive than productive, and those who try too hard to have power or influence may end up being more controlling and stifling than expansive and freeing.

The power elements of the numerology only amplify the incredible astrology of the day.

The Moon does not stand alone at maximum phase. It is actually a Capricorn Moon-Pluto Retrograde conjunction (approaching 18.15°). The Moon is only 1° outside of exact conjunction with Pluto Retrograde at the Full Moon’s maximum phase, and the conjunction is most exact two hours later at 11:05p PDT. This indicates an emotional awareness of a profound shift in power dynamics between individuals and institutions, and may trigger a potent response… especially from those who have deep emotional investments in their positions of power and influence.

Jupiter in Libra’s position creates a T-Square configuration as it is square both the Cancer 8 Sun and the Capricorn Moon-Pluto Rx conjunction at the time of maximum phase. This Jupiter position serves to amplify the fact that there is an imbalance of power, and there is a growing need for diplomacy in order to craft new partnerships and new deals for all parties involved as the objectives of each of those partners change. This will be an excellent time to recognize who really has power and influence in relationships of all kinds, and who really is (or is feeling) powerless in the face of change. Those acting in anger and/or are trying to oppress or suppress others are the ones who feel powerless and are acting out of fear. Those who are changing their alliances and forming new partnerships or deals in order to more positively and prosperously position themselves as the power dynamics shift will come out ahead. Essentially, there will be some who are focused on and negotiating for the present and future progress, while others are focused on the past and negotiating to hold on to what they assumed (and took for granted) would always be in place. The latter may not realize they are actually the ones being now phased out and left behind.

Mars in Cancer also plays a powerful role in this Full Moon. Though it’s outside the 3° orb I prefer to use for significant transits, the Capricorn Moon moves within conjunction orb of Mars about 5.5 hours after its maximum full phase, and will be in exact opposition to Mars at 8:40a PDT/3:40p GMT, raising emotions to a fever pitch, and inspiring emotion-driven actions in order to pursue or balance societal or institutional goals or objectives. In other words, those who are upset about the goals and objectives of those in power will likely lash out in opposition to the offending authority figures and institutions; while those in power who are feeling threatened by those opposed to their power will likely take impulsive actions to squash opposition to their objectives.

The oppositions of both sides are amplified by Cancer Mars quincunx Sagittarius Saturn Retrograde (applying – 22°). This is the slow burn that is quietly shifting power during this 2017 Capricorn Full Moon. We are each and all in the midst of a second –chance to align with factual truth, but impulsive emotion-driven actions are not helping that effort. Not at all. If anything, acting on our emotional impulses is bringing many of us into further misalignment with facts and our ability to claim ourselves to be honest and authentic. The abundance of misalignment is likely to bring destabilization of the ethical and moral structures in place in our current institutions of power. And the more people lose their cool and demand truth to be revealed, the more the corruption of those in authority will be made known. This transit is actually exact 6 hours after the Full Moon’s maximum phase (at 3:09a PDT).

Sagittarius Black Moon Lilith is semi-sextile the Capricorn Moon-Pluto Rx conjunction (approaching Pluto, separating Moon – 16-17°), revealing a burning desire for truth to be revealed and known by any means necessary. Do NOT underestimate the depth of emotional investment of those who want the factual truth to come out with the intention of (re)claiming their power, yet do NOT underestimate the hubris of those in power trying to maintain their positions of authority. Together, the clash of these two agendas may lead to shifts in power which affect people very deeply. Worlds may be rocked as those in power may unwittingly expose their wrongs because they were too eager to prove their opponents wrong.

Sagittarius Black Moon Lilith is also squares Pisces Neptune Retrograde (separating 14-16°), adding to the world-rocking as it becomes clear that no one is worthy of being placed on a pedestal right now. As truth is vehemently pursued and discovered, many of us who have looked to others as heroes or icons or the institutions we’ve taken for granted as “always being there” may realize they are vulnerable to change and factual truth just like the rest of us. The question is… will we be too far in denial of their downfall to accept their shortcomings and hold on desperately to our idealistic denial of facts, or will we finally be emotionally devastated enough to acknowledge the actual, factual truth of who these people and institutions are for us?

Pisces Chiron Retrograde semi-sextile Aries Uranus (applying – 28°) – This is our second-to-last chance to heal emotional and spiritual-energetic wounds which have kept us disconnected from each other, our world, and our Source. These long-held, deep-seated emotional-spiritual injuries we face are ready to be dealt with… though the call to service to heal and/or deal with them likely leads assertive if not aggressive means of doing so – acting out of anger and frustration of a victim rather than compassion and unconditional love of a healer. Groups may take action to stand up against those who are ‘assaulting’ their freedoms, while there may also be individuals who take action on behalf of a larger community or humanitarian cause.

Libra Jupiter quincunx Pisces Neptune Retrograde (separating – 14°) – Calls for diplomatic justice and a balancing of energies in our individual and collective lives become louder and more fervent as many of us begin realizing that our dreams and ideals were really delusions, and those we put on pedestals may never have had an intention to follow through for us. The reality of inequality and injustice is becoming too obvious to hide any longer.

The good news: Gemini Venus is sextile Leo Mercury at the time of max phase (separating 3-5°)! This could bring some positive energy to matters as a desire to exchange ideas and information with others in partnership is supported and encouraged. However, with all of the intense astrological and numerological energies of the day, it is important to remember that those who are communicating are ultimately doing so to draw positive attention to themselves. The concern here is that if the people who are talking are trying to prove others to be foolish or in error in some way, those pointing fingers may actually be exposing their own faults in the process. It would be wise not to prove yourself to be a fool by trying to prove others foolish. The game of trying to outwit others may backfire spectacularly today.

It should be duly noted – this energy is NOT pretty. Someone’s bubble is being burst. People will be hurt emotionally and possibly physically as result of the information coming to light during this 2017 Capricorn Full Moon. The power structures are shifting. The balance of power in our lives and in our world is changing, and a new era is emerging.

The energies of this Full Moon have been felt for three days before the Moon’s max phase, but will be felt more strongly than usual for about five days after max phase. This is because the Sun will be in opposition Pluto Retrograde, extending the exposure and increasing the awareness of the shifts in the balances of power.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,



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