Venus entered the sign of Gemini at 5:11p PDT on Tuesday 4th July 2017 – a numerological 3 universal day for the Americas and everything west of them. However, for most of the world, this ingress occurs on Wednesday 5th July which was a 4 universal day.

Venus is the planet representing one-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Because it rules an air sign (Libra), it isn’t as romantic and emotional as many tend to give it credit for. Its focus is balance, fairness, equality or equity, and diplomacy. It also works in aesthetic beauty, but that’s not the big focus this time around.

Gemini is the child-student energy of the Zodiac. Playful, inquisitive, intelligent, and intellectual, Gemini likes to ask questions and play games, especially mind games.

Therefore, Venus in Gemini is a combination which may have both (or all) partners in a relationship asking a lot of questions and playing a lot of mind games. This isn’t without purpose, though. In some cases, these questions and games will be due to insecurity about the relationship(s), and one or both partners may be trying to figure out exactly where they stand with the other. In other cases, there will be a good deal of diplomatic effort in order to establish terms of partnership between two or more parties and/or to redefine the terms of partnerships already in place.

But the initiative and comprehensive numerological energy is going to play a major role for this 2017 Venus in Gemini period, too.

Three energy is child-student energy. It asks a lot of questions, seeks a lot of information, and tests a lot of boundaries. It loves learning, and with this 2017 Venus in Gemini initiating under this energy, the 3 energy and Gemini energy are kindred spirits in this regard. This sets the stage for both you and your partner(s) to ask and be asked a LOT of questions as this quest for information is not one-sided. If you’re seeking information, it would serve you well to expect to be asked questions as many questions as you are asking. If you’re not prepared to answer, don’t assume you’ll receive answers. This will need to be approached as a genuine exchange for your information collection efforts to be effective.

But if you (like most of the world) have this 2017 Venus in Gemini initiating under four energy, you get to know that four energy seeks stability, solidity, safety, and security. Under this energy, Venus in Gemini feels confident in what it knows and is only inspired to ask questions in order to establish a sense of security or to stabilize its own and/or another’s position on a matter. Venus in Gemini may also seek information or perspectives which definitively prove or debunk their own knowledge or intellectual positions. The latter is much more challenging as when asked or forced to change its mind, you may find it would likely rather put up walls rather than move or even peek around them.

Both of these initiatives are occurring under a 1 universal year and an 8 universal month, indicating that even though this year is all about new beginnings, the next 3.5 weeks of the 2017 Venus in Gemini will be all about positioning yourself (and possibly your partners) to gain power and control in your partnership(s). This marks the beginning of new relationship dynamics in relationships of all kinds.

For the most part, 2017 Venus in Gemini is likely to show up as seeking information to stabilize and/or secure partnerships and/or individual positions in partnerships. Those who are asking are looking for answers and information which confirm reliability, dependability, and commitment to the relationships at hand – they want to know where they stand. You may notice as these weeks progress that most of the world is eager to make and/or confirm partnerships and deals which provide solid exchanges of both resource and information for both or all parties involved. Most of these people will recognize the games being played, but they’ll play with their stability intentions in mind. They want to know where they stand and where others stand, and once they figure it out, they’re done playing.

Yet there will be a few who think they can outwit or outsmart others. They would be wise to recognize that during this 2017 Venus in Gemini period, the joke will likely be on them. The players will be getting played this time around, and they’ll be done in by the “boring people” – those who are reliable, dependable, secure, and in this for the long game. They recognize this opportunity to shift some relationship dynamics, and they’re going to do it.

Here are the upcoming 2017 Venus in Gemini transits for the remainder of the 2017 Cancer Sun period:

  • Gemini Venus quincunx Capricorn Juno Retrograde, most exact on 12th July – As the societal status quo wanes, the goals and objectives of both personal and societal/institutional partners change and questions and renegotiations of those relationships begin. Have your goals, and therefore, your commitments changed?
  • Gemini Venus square Pisces Neptune Retrograde, most exact on 17th July – When the answers and information you get challenge your vision of how it should be… and/or when the answers you give challenge someone else’s vision. Are you ready to admit to your possession of rose-colored glasses?
  • Gemini Venus trine Libra Jupiter, most exact on 18th July – Relationships grow, partnerships expand when communication is open and information is flowing between the parties involved. Knowledge and understanding encourage good will and trust.
  • Gemini Venus quincunx Capricorn Pluto Retrograde, most exact on 20th July – As your perspective shifts, so does your perception of your relationship to (or with) the powers-that-be in the matters of your life. You may realize just how powerful or powerless you are as you learn more about the reality of your circumstances & your real ability to pursue your goals and ambitions.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

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