Well, well, well. The Moon’s Nodes have changed sign. As of 11:28a PDT Tuesday, 9th May, the Moon’s North Node is now in the sign of Leo and the Moon’s South Node is now in the sign of Aquarius. Therefore, these next 18 months will be an exercise of balancing your expression of Light and balancing a need for acknowledgement with a desire to make unique contributions to the greater whole.

First of all, let’s talk about the Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes are interpreted as a karmic axis – the South Node representing the karma we’ve already learned and mastered (coming into this lifetime if you’re a past-life believer; your innate mastery if you’re not), and the North Node representing the karma we now get to learn and master. Once we’ve learned and mastered the North Node’s karmic lessons, we then get to learn how to keep the two in balance. They get to co-exist, so it’s not like we need to eliminate one and embrace the other. These two are two parts of the same karmic path, and need to remain in balanced co-existence. We feel these effects both collectively and individually.

So how do we know which node we’re operating from right now, or how do we know when we have them in balance?

When we’re too much in our South Node energy, we tend to feel stuck. We may find that things that used to work for us in the past may not be working so well for us now – the usual mode of operation isn’t producing the same results. When the old way doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to learn about the “new way” of doing things, and we may find the Universe is pushing us out of our comfort zones into a new way of approaching our the fulfillment of our desires.

When we’re too much in our North Node energy, we tend to feel evasive or avoidant of our past behaviors or our past in general. If we notice ourselves vehemently denying, avoiding, escaping, and/or eager to destroy or eliminate anything from our past, this is a strong indicator that we may be too much in our North Node energy.

Regarding the signs, Leo and Aquarius are directly opposite each other in the Zodiac, which means they share a common interest. The Leo-Aquarius axis is what I call the “Axis of Acknowledgment”. This is because both signs are driven to receive acknowledgment.

  • Leo is very much about drawing attention to oneself – it’s about one’s individual creative self-expression as a means of making one’s self-identity known to the world. It’s known for being the attention whore of the Zodiac, but only when it’s not being acknowledged for what it wants to be acknowledged for.
  • Aquarius is known for individuals making their unique contributions to a greater whole, such as a community, team, group, or other collective of individuals with a common goal or objective. It also wants acknowledgment…for its unique contribution to the greater whole. For some Aquarians, acknowledgment of the group is enough. But for some, they still need to have their role within the greater whole singled out.

With the Nodes in these signs, The Aquarius South Node is bringing to our attention our past karmic pattern, which is to seek ways to make ourselves valuable to the community and fulfill our individual need for acknowledgment that way. In other words, many of us may have been participating in community activities in order to receive individual acknowledgment. That may have worked for a while, but when you began feeling angry or resentful because you weren’t getting acknowledged for your specific individual role, that was the moment the North Node began calling.

The Leo North Node is now calling you to seek out ways to express yourself individually and creatively. This means going out on your own and making your individual voice heard so that others can hear, see, and acknowledge you for you. The challenge here is that you may have to leave behind the safety of the group – you won’t have people around you to have your back…

…or at least not the same people, and this is the beauty of the Nodal Axis.

You never really leave the other node behind.

By striking out on your own and authentically expressing yourself, you may attract people to you who are genuinely drawn to your unique expression of Light. You may find and create a new community through your individual self-expression. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have anyone from your past stick with you, but it does mean that some of the people from your past may leave your life. Recognize that they may not have been aligned with your authentic self, but rather the role you played in your community or group. Now that you’re expressing yourself fully as an individual, you may find that others who didn’t know YOU are moving in another direction. Let them go.

Meanwhile, you’re also attracting (and being attracted to) those who support you being you. A new community is forming – one in which you get to be yourself and your Light contributes authentically and easily to something larger than you alone. In fact, by pursuing your Leo-driven individual expression, you discover (in hopefully a healthier, more positive way) what Aquarius is all about – individuals coming together with each contributing something unique to the production of a collective effort that is far greater than any of them could do alone.

Aquarius is also the sign of technology and mass communication. Therefore, be ready to receive community and/or public attention or notoriety for your individual self-expression. If you aren’t used to being in the spotlight, get ready as you may find yourself there. Leo tends to enjoy if not crave the spotlight, but if you’re someone who isn’t used to receiving attention for being your True self, this may be a very challenging time. This may also be a call for you to learn how to receive attention from others – to learn how to be seen and acknowledged.

Leo is also the sign of recreation and pleasure. Therefore, be ready to let people know what lights you up and brings you joy. If you’re not having fun participating in your groups, it may be because you’re trying to please them rather than making sure it’s a collectively enjoyable experience. Make sure your recreational needs are also being met – don’t leave yourself out of the fun.

On a collective level, we may experience the revelation of group of collective efforts either celebrating or challenging individual self-expressions, and vice-versa. We may also be collectively challenged to see individuals as individuals rather than seeing them as representatives of a collective whole. We may also be challenged to see how communities and/or groups may be stifling individual expression, and how individuals need to be set free from “group think” in order to find their own way and make their unique and powerful contributions to the collective whole. I have a feeling that our media and technological communities (and the individuals and communities/societies affected by them) are about to have an interesting 18 months ahead.

The Nodal Axis will be aligned with Leo and Aquarius now until 6th/7th November 2018.

Thanks for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, & Blessings,




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