Juno in Capricorn began its retrograde motion at 4:05p PDT on 9th May 2017. Juno represents commitments of all kinds, and Capricorn is very ambitious, goal-focused, and results-driven. Together, these two seem made for each other – determined commitment to accomplish goals.

In retrograde, Juno in Cap gets a different perspective. Retrogrades always indicate “outside-in” energy. It’s feedback from your environment, and can also enable you to act as witness to what is happening around you. That said, Juno Retrograde in Capricorn allows you to see what others are striving for…and gives you an opportunity to see if your goals and commitments are aligned with those around you.

This isn’t necessarily a call to change your commitments or goals. In fact, if anything, it’s a call to affirm and remain committed to them. What Juno Retrograde in Cap does is allows you to recognize who and what around you shares your focus and determination. Who shares your goals…and/or who supports you in achieving them?

Another way to see this would be…who is trying to distract you or take you away from what you are committed to? Do they have a valid reason to do this, or are they trying to keep you from achieving your goals and claiming your success?

This line of inquiry isn’t intended to make you fearful or vengeful. It’s intended to make you think and to encourage you to take notice of who and what may be affecting your ability to advance and achieve. Juno in Capricorn is determined to achieve, and in retrograde, you have an opportunity to gain valuable feedback to apply to your course by paying attention to what and who is part of your environment, influencing, impressing, or imposing their presence upon you.

Juno Retrograde in Capricorn may also be an opportunity for you to take a step you didn’t before as retrogrades are also indicative of second chances and ‘do-overs’. Maybe you missed an opportunity that is now still open or has reopened recently. Maybe someone is contacting you again to offer you something you hesitated or said ‘no’ to previously. Consider seizing that moment now if you can see how it may assist you or lead you to the fulfillment of your goals.

There is only one transit involving Juno Retrograde in Capricorn in the remainder of the 2017 Taurus Sun period – a quincunx with Gemini Mars which is most exact on 17th May (felt 14th-20th May). This transit indicates that actions taken to communicate intention(s) indirectly reveal what you may truly and actually be committed to…and it may not be what you think it is.

Capricorn Juno will be in retrograde motion now through 26th August 2017.

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