The 2017 Scorpio Full Moon reaches its maximum phase opposite the Taurus 6 Sun at 2:42p PDT on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 (20.40°). Some of you may have heard that this is also known as the Wesak Full Moon – celebrating Buddha in all Buddhist religions – his birth, his moment of enlightenment, and his ascension into deity. This moment holds major ceremonial power and influence as it represents powerful transformation and holds potential for all of us to raise our energetic vibrations and increase both our individual and collective awareness of ourselves and our places in the Universe.

Numerologically, this is a 7 universal day for most of the western world, and an 8 universal day for the eastern world. Either way, this is a powerful day. For the 7 region people, this is time for analysis, reflection, meditation, and planning. For the 8 region people, this is a day where power and influence (and control and manipulation) come to a head.

Usually, Full Moons are times of manifestation followed by release of excess or what is no longer needed. This 2017 Scorpio Full Moon, in particular, helps you reach and release the emotional-spiritual excess which needs to be cleared in order to facilitate the transformation of yourself and/or your life. Once cleared, the transformation process allows you to manifest what you need to support your self-identity on the physical-material-financial level.

Full Moons also reflect the light of the Sun so the Sun may see itself and the emotional impact of its revelations. The Taurus 6 Sun energy reveals the desire to manifest lifestyle resources which best support the physical healing, health, and wellness of your self-identity. How do you see yourself? What type of lifestyle would you feel most comfortable living? You are likely seeking to bring in the resources which provide you with that desired lifestyle…which will be easier once you clear out the emotional-spiritual excess which no longer serves you well. These lifestyle ideals reflected upon such intense emotion may bring pause to your path – are you pursuing the right goals for the right reasons…or are you trying desperately to hold onto physical-material-financial representations of old emotional attachments which no longer serve you well?

Of course, answering those questions and getting to the bottom of those emotional depths to clear them out and make way for tangible manifestations is easier said than done, but it can be done. Most of us tend to avoid things which require us to look at our emotional and spiritual well-being in a deep and profound way. We don’t like to be emotionally vulnerable. In fact, we often do everything we can to evade it by talking about our emotions as casually and objectively as possible, not really wanting to let others know how we really feel or how deeply we feel it.

It can be an intense process, facing things about others and ourselves we don’t like or understand. Since we as humans tend to fear what we do not know or understand, we resist what generates fear in us, looking for distractions, escapes, anything to not have to deal with our deepest emotional truths. Yet Scorpio continues to dig deeper, demanding that we get into the most vulnerable depths of our emotional selves and reach the bottom of those depths. It prompts us to leave no stone unturned, which is why it is known as the sign of transformation and metamorphosis. It inexplicably forces us to dig so deep into our psyches and forcibly eliminates all of our excuses for not allowing transformation to occur. It pushes us to face our deepest fears and insecurities, and enables us to move into and through the transformation process courageously if not fearlessly.

And once we can face our deepest fears and darkest darkness, we can no longer be afraid of them.

This is why this 2017 Scorpio Full Moon is so powerful. We are now being forced to face the worst of ourselves so we may overcome it.

That said, those of us who resist this dive into darkness – those of us who allow our fears to drive us – will be in for a rude awakening. You’ll see exactly where your fears lead you…and it’s probably not a good place. In fact, like the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto (which is currently retrograde in Capricorn), whatever does not allow itself to be transformed is generally destroyed.

Speaking of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, it is in sextile transit with the Scorpio Moon (19.30°) at the time of the Full Moon’s maximum phase, making it trine the Taurus 6 Sun! This is POWERFUL because it may reveal the physical, material, and/or financial motives driving the emotional and physical fears and insecurities. It definitely heightens the demand upon societal institutions to evolve/transform their standards for social success or be phased out or destroyed. It also reveals a call for individuals to recognize which societal standards which are calling to be evolved/transformed, and the emotional transformation we must each and all go through in order to enable those societal structures to be changed.

The society cannot change unless we as individuals are willing to change it and ourselves.

This change will require commitment, which is where Juno in Capricorn comes in. It began a retrograde motion on 9th May at 18.33°, and is within the 3° orb of conjunction with Pluto, making it also sextile the Scorpio Moon and trine the Taurus 6 Sun at the time of maximum phase!

Juno Retrograde in Capricorn reveals the impact external commitments make upon us. It gives us a chance to assess whether or not we are aligning our personal (and collective) goals and ambitions with the commitments of others or if we are staying true to ourselves and committed to what we are determined to achieve. In conjunction orb with Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, this is a powerful moment to commit to your personal transformation. It is also a powerful moment to see what we stand for as a collective society.

Indirectly related to the Scorpio Moon-Taurus 6 Sun opposition, Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius (26.85°) is also busy on this day, making trine aspect to Uranus and Mercury conjunct in Aries (29.95-26.25°) AND making square aspect to Chiron in Pisces (27.75°). The trine reveals that there’s some very unexpected accountability taking place or about to take place in a very public way. The square reveals that accountability may re-open old and very painful emotional wounds, but those re-opened wounds may be the catalysts for events which lead to proper emotional-spiritual healing in the long run. Public apologies or at least a good public come-uppance may be in the works. This could be a very good thing…but it could also mark the beginning of an all-out war.

To that point, whatever you cannot face about yourself will destroy you under this 2017 Scorpio Full Moon…and whichever emotional-spiritual depths you do face, accept, and commit to under this 2017 Scorpio Full Moon will set you free. It’s up to you whether you want to transform yourself and your life…or not.

Remember – you can control the battles within you. You can’t control others as easily as you may believe. This time, take the easier route, commit to transforming yourself, experience some degree of enlightenment for yourself, and come out no longer being afraid of the dark and ready to shine your Light in the world.

Thanks for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, & Blessings,




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