There are three Water Grand Trine configurations during this 2013 Cancer Sun cycle!  This collection and combination of transits and the planets involved make these Grand Trine transits a pretty big deal.

Let’s discuss.

To start, the common thread of all three of these 2013 Cancer Sun Cycle Water Grand Trines is the Saturn in Scorpio-Neptune in Pisces trine. 

Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio.  In this sign, Saturn is establishing transformation and evolution as the new structure for our collective experience, asking us to accept that depth and substance is being established as our new structure for living.  It calls upon us to focus on the deeper depths of who we are and what we are doing to accomplish our goals in this world.

Under the influence of Saturn in Scorpio, there is no longer a place for superficial small talk or polite façades in our efforts to achieve our goals or manifest our desired results.  If we want to establish what we say we want to establish in our world, we must get real with ourselves and each other on a very deep and profound level.

Saturn in Scorpio (currently in retrograde motion) asks us to go within yourself and to dig below the surface to get to the deepest and darkest truths of who you are and why you do what you do, somehow understanding that when you explore our darkest depths, you are blessed with access to your brightest expression of Divine Light.   Due to the retrograde of Saturn  at this time, you get the luxury of experiencing this exploration from the inside out – recognizing from within yourself the changes that need to occur in your life on the outside.  This is a much easier process that the way those lessons could come to you otherwise.

Neptune is traveling (also currently in retrograde motion) its home sign of Pisces – inspired and visionary, and also artistic, creative, and imaginative.  It calls upon recognize and access our collective Oneness, which gives awakening to both our spirituality and artistry, allowing us to honor and take steps to bring our visions into the reality of our lives.

However, Neptune in Pisces may also bring an extra dose of idealism, so fantasy and delusion are also highlighted now, especially if you have planets in your natal or progressed charts that are in conjunction or trine aspect with these.  It is important not to let your head be so high up in the clouds that you lose contact with a grounded reality.

This is why it’s good that Neptune is trine with such an intense Saturn right now – these two will help keep each other in check.  Neptune allows you to follow your dreams, yet Saturn holds you accountable and responsible for the emotional reality of your life – responsibility and accountability which, in their lacking, may actually be keeping those dreams from becoming your tangible and experiential reality.

This first of three 2013 Cancer Sun Cycle Water Grand Trines includes the Sun in Cancer, which trined Saturn at 2:12a PDT on Wednesday, June 26th, then trined Neptune at 10:48a PDT later that same morning. When combined with Saturn and Neptune, the Sun brings Light to whatever has been hidden from view in matters regarding the manifestation of your dreams.  That means that whatever has been hiding underneath the surface now gets to be revealed to you, and whichever dreams or visions have you being especially delusional get to be brought down to earth.  This gives you a chance to face and deal with these revelations for yourself first so you can reveal these truths to others later.

Grand trines are very fortunate configurations, and ultimately bring forth positive and healing outcomes.  But for some of you who may be deeply emotionally attached to your veils, secrets, and delusional beliefs, this may be more a gentle wake-up call and a not-so-positive experience for you – at first.

What may prove challenging for you is that Sun in Cancer is likely to reveal the areas and aspects of your life that you give a great deal of nurturing and protective energy to.  Though we all like to think that we are nurturing people, relationships, beliefs, behaviors, and/or things that support and encourage us to fulfill intentions and achieve goals, some of what you may care for and protect may not be serving you well any longer if it ever did in the first place.  There may prove to be some painful truths revealed to us by Sun in Cancer that is magnified in the power of this Water Grand Trine.

Even though it may not feel good at first, it would be very wise to take heed and start taking care of your emotional matters now.  The first week of July may prove very challenging if you believe that you can move forward without having to give up or transform any of your old emotionally protective ways.

In resisting the call of the Sun-Saturn-Neptune Water Grand Trine to face and deal, the upcoming Venus-Saturn square and especially Saturn returning to direct motion may prove very enlightening in ways that may force you from the outside in to face the emotional demons you’ve been hiding and to begin the emotional releasing and healing work you’ve been avoiding.

This Sun-Saturn-Neptune Water Grand Trine announces that it’s time to take off your rose-colored glasses and deal with yourself and the emotional truth of your life so you can have the life you want – you can choose to take them off, or you can have them taken off for you.  The choice is yours.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers.  Until next post…
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