As of early Monday morning, June 17th, 2013, Chiron moved into retrograde motion.  This takes this practical application of emotional and spiritual service energy and, instead of focusing it outward on how you serve or help others in making their emotions functional, it is asking you to focus it inwardly on yourself.

Chiron, the “wounded healer”, normally rules Virgo, the “heal it, fix it, make it work” sign.  Yet here it is, travelling through Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo.  This isn’t a bad thing, really, as opposites have the ability to balance each other out.  That said, Chiron in Pisces is doing all it can to heal you and others emotionally and spiritually, making your emotional and spiritual expressions practical and functional, or to bringing some practical self-care to your selfless service – something that some of you may find pretty challenging to do.

Under Pisces’ influence, you can be so focused on being of service to others and what you are doing for them that you forget that you need to take care of yourself in the process.  Pisces is all about the collective Oneness of All-That-Is – it is important for you to remember that YOU are also part of that Oneness.  YOU are included in that greater whole.  Therefore, YOU are just as worthy and deserving of being served as those you serve.

This is often difficult for Pisces energy to accept, as it often has you believe that it is more noble to sacrifice your own needs for those of others.  Yet if you leave yourself with nothing or no one to attend to your health and wellness or the functionality of your own life, how are you healthy and well enough to be in service to others?  How can you provide them with excellent selfless service if you yourself are not fully functional?

This is the magic of Chiron.  As “the wounded healer”, it helps us recognize that we are able to heal others so effectively in an area because that same area is where we are most wounded.  We speak to others from our wounds, and as result, we are often giving others the same advice we should be taking and applying to our own lives in order to heal ourselves.

Under Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, it’s time to make your service to others work for you.

That said, during Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, look at how you serve others.

  • Where are you inspired to serve selflessly?
  • Where do you get to contribute to the lives of others in ways inspire them to live their best lives?

Then, take notice if your needs being met in the process of your serving others.

  • Are you healthy and well enough to be serving others in the way you serve them? Really?
  • Are you also being healed emotionally and/or practically (or both) through the service you provide to or for others?  Or as result of the service you provide to others?

Then ask yourelf:

  • How can apply my advice or counsel to them to my own life?
  • How might my own life or life experience change if I apply that same advice to myself?

It is not a bad thing to benefit in any way from the service you offer and/or give selflessly to others.  “In any way” is important because it’s not just about a benefit of financial-material-physical resources – it may be an emotional or spiritual need that is being filled for you as well. The catch in this process is to make sure that you’re not so dependent on your service to others or on others directly to give you what you need that you are unable to do it for yourself.  In this mutual healing opportunity of this Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, you get to figure out how your service also teaches you how to heal and empower yourself.

Embracing Chiron Retrograde in Pisces allows you to heal your own emotional wounds and strengthen your ability to be of service to others in ways that empower them.  Think of it as making yourself healthier and stronger so you are better equipped to help others be healthy and strong.

Chiron in Pisces will be in retrograde motion through mid-March 2014.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers.  Until next post…
~ Light, Love, and Blessings,


Orange Rose - GDC



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